Horseback Riding and Posture

A clear stance and sit on horseback is one of the clearest Guide to the horse. Subconsciously tells the horse is enormously. A right balance, relieves the back of horse and rider also provides more stability to prevent falls.Attitude and sitting is the basis for the action of the horse. Many drivers have often heard, arms, legs to keep silent and heels put polynomials where many a rider can’t use. All these manifestations of the body occurs a balance problem. Decide to improve posture and sitting. An independent seat in relation to the horse is the basis of equitation!

Correct is:

If you are on your horse, take an attitude from sitting to standing condition. The Centre of gravity of the body is in the middle of the basin. The ultimate goal is the middle ear, shoulder, hip heel. With a correct posture you join the movement of the horse, sit perfectly still, or rather sit rigidly, so it’s not a good attitude, because you then bad luck horse in motion. With a good attitude represents only a fraction of that absorb the horse’s movements well.Because of this subtle pull you along, but it looks quiet. At first glance, to sit on hard to see in this way bothers you at least the horse.

Better or worse movement

It goes without saying that a correct posture goes along in the movement of the horse. In practice, however, many riders are opposed, especially by literally hang on and so reclined. In the riding of aisles, this is often seen as good in sitting trot. One consequence of the gradient is that at first the horse is hindered in its closing movement, and secondly, the rider often stoelzit.
Go along with the movement requires stability in the upper body balance and ability to absorb the movement forward. Improving your posture you will hang slightly forward at the beginning. In theory, if you come with your weight to the horse on the forehand, but this is minimal. What about sitting catch you with better movement and can improve the horse under you walk past. Especially in the beginning of time, it is important to sit far back and not leave in the saddle again. In the moment you’re moving your horse can sit, you can put your shoulders a fraction back to remain in a straight line on your horse.

Practical tips

Good posture is not only beautiful but also has a function. A few tips:

  • Your hands should be as wide as your hips
  • The front seat is a good exercise to control your own independent balance. Change also the leg by twice standing is a good exercise in this. But make sure you don’t use the reins to find balance in the seat in front.
  • Test your flexibility through the back completely hollow and then do all the realm, eventually choosing a middle ground. A good attitude is your back slightly concave, but never fixed.
  • The breath is your center of gravity. Try breathing from your stomach, when you sit closer to your horse
  • Press the heel not too far away, will often prevent your knees and thighs are put on the lock
  • Keep voltage form on the outside of your leg muscles, or a form of the O-legs, will not cut the knees against the horse
  • Keep your hips loose, this allows you to test and promote by moving your legs when you run in circles
  • If you put the horse beneath you you need to land on your feet
  • A yoga ball provides fun exercises to work on the stability of your body balance and flexibility in the muscles around the hip.

Whether that outcome?
Previous zitlessen standard given to outcomes, without brackets and teugels. Tegenwoordig sees this to a lesser extent. This is especially the case because the rider ride without Stirrups and reins and trunk balance is still in order, the rider will often get stuck. Terminals, the attitude was not good.Therefore, focused today on the trip with jumpers and reins, and from here to build a better balance in the body. The illuminated if this is a much used tool. If the trunk balance can be developed at a later stage without Stirrups and reins and driven to put the “finishing touches”. Riding on the outcome can be zitlessen so that the rider can focus on posture and sit instead of being affected the horse.


In order to achieve a correct posture and sitting practice is required and you have to understand what the impact of your site means for the horse. Instruction from the ground often provides practical tools and instant feedback. A mirror will help awareness of your own site.
Are you looking for specialized instruction in farming and sit? Dig once centered riding or Akasha posture and sitting.
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