Home Water Filter and Purifier

The water filters remove particles and bacteria from the water, making it clean and ready for use. Learn more about the products and get them at the lowest market prices

By consuming the water filter, you know that it is free from impurities and bacteria. One of those responsible for this benefit is the candles or refills. Installed on the products, they remove particles and dirt, such as sand, dust and clay. After the liquid passes slowly for sailing, it is stored in a tank and is ready for consumption.

It is responsible for removing excess chlorine present in the water, but the filter must be replaced after a period of use, as its filtration power decreases over time. Its life is related to the amount of water it can filter. Therefore, it is recommended that you see the product page on our website to become aware of that information. The seal helps to differentiate INMETRO’s efficiency between one product and another.

Here you find refills to filter and purifier. Generally, the products are easy to install: just follow the step by step in this manual. If you prefer, enlist the help of a professional.

Now that you know the functions of the products, take the time to take them to the house by the unmissable payment terms. Compare and check: we have the lowest market prices.

Features purifier and filter

The purifiers and filters are recommended for:

-Personal using wells, since the product performs a more complete water treatment, even eliminating unpleasant tastes;

-Large cities that already receive water treated by the local supply network.