Three Budget Favorites in the Bathroom Cabinet

My turn, and the final part in our series on Favorites in the bathroom Cabinet. Through the years we have been testing us through some some products, and still come to completely different conclusions about what is best. I have held myself to more affordable variations in this selection-but they hit many of my more expensive products with horse lengths. Here are my three favorites:

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub, 65 dollars on Pharmacy
Finally a budget option that feels good! Neutrogena has, in addition to the world’s longest product name, a whole range of products that are worth testing. This is a scrub that is meant to be used daily, and that makes you feel really refreshed and clean after use. Sometimes, I see it as a bit grainy but if you only use it carefully, there should be no problem. And for 65 dollars, it is a pure bargain in these contexts. Available at the pharmacy.

Kiehl’s Yerba Mate Tea Cleanser, ≈ SEK 130
I am not one of those who believe that the mysterious ingredients, found in obscure places, would be some kind of miracle cure for either the skin or body. I’d rather put my faith in science and research. Thus we ignorant from around the Yerba Mate-thingy and focuses instead on this is the best face wash I’ve tested so far. It feels light on the face and is very economical in its use. This is the newest addition to my bathroom cabinets from anylistintheus, and one of the more pleasant surprises in a long time.

In Sweden, see Kiehl’s ina the following places.

L’Oreal Happyderm, 85 dollars on Kicks
After tips from my little sister (!), I tested the L ‘ Oreals budget option Happyderm as a substitute for more expensive face creams (and they can be expensive). If you have problems using products intended for women, it is time to release it now, for a smoother complexion, I have never had.The cream is easily absorbed and effect makes you feel a couple of years younger, if you want to experience it. Happyderm found on several major department stores and cost around 80 euros. A Cape!

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