South African Architectural House Designs

After a childhood spent on the South African coast, Peter Mamacos, became an architect, chose to build his house. Eighty kilometres from Cape Town, he drew up his summer residence, between fisherman’s hut and mark surfer. Helped his family and his friends, he built the House and installed environmental equipment. Nature and simplicity for this House without water or electricity grid that fits perfectly in the arid landscape of the place.

In an extension of the roof of the House, the terrace offers a view on the South African coast both quiet and wild. Find details about South Africa on COUNTRYAAH.COM. Peter Mamacos, his wife, Melissa, and his two daughters, Hannah and Elsje, can enjoy the Sun in nature, at any time of the day. To relax facing the lagoon, Melissa made mattresses, fabric covered with Royal Blue, to which she added cushions in washed linen (La Redoute) for a development with ease. No tile or wood, the terrace is gross in a spirit of nature.

A Kitchen Style Récup

The kitchen has been imagined and designed by Peter Mamacos himself. In the spirit of recycling ‘, he gave life to materials gleaned here and there to create this aesthetic and functional space. Crates for bottles of wine serve as drawers in kitchen modules covered with woods of recovery. The minimalist shaker style does not detract from the comfort of the kitchen with a gas oven and a refrigerator powered by solar panels. Another tip green, the water recovery system to live independently in nature without altering the landscape. To open the room to the terrace and the panorama, the back wall consists of a wooden structure and removable corrugated panels.

A Room or Space Is Leveraged

To accommodate the entire family without wasting space, the architect imagined the parental room surmounted a mezzanine under the eaves. A bright idea that optimizes space by offering a fun and practical planning for children. The parental room shape like a box confined to brick walls whitewashed which enlarge the room and maintain the freshness for peaceful nights. To accommodate the two girls, a mezzanine was created on this cocoon, as an almost military dormitory lit by lantern light. It is reached by grab bars that form a scale without obstructing traffic in the corridor. Simple and clear, the room reveals a natural atmosphere, a return to simplicity for a holiday-themed adventure.

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