Sensual and Luxurious Wedding Dresses: First Couture Collection

We had to wait a long time. We’ve seen a lot of great designs, but now it’s finally here: the first and personal couture collection by Erin Cole! You simply cannot be disappointed by these beautiful and perfectly staged wedding dresses. Already when I look at the pictures, my little wedding heart is already melting.

The designer is by no means an undescribed sheet in the bridal fashion. For 20 years Erin Cole has been designing creations with sizes such as Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang and Monique Lhuilier. The earlier collections of creative California girl’s show that she fell in love with lace and delicate fashion accessories at a young age. Her bridal gown collection 2017 picks up these themes in the style of couture. The Erin Cole Collection is a true reflection of the Californian lifestyle of the designer. Here, talent meets attention to detail and becomes a dreamy collection in white.

Erin Cole – trendsetter for wedding dresses

Erin Cole seems to be always one step ahead with her designs of the popular bridal. A total of nine fantastic styles are presented in this collection. They radiate the typical positive energy of the Sun State of California and are also still organic. I particularly like the fashion couture details in the dresses. With the Ambrosia model, Erin Cole tells a sensual and luxurious story. The lace applications on the top, flowing into the skirt, create a seductive aura and let the bride shine.

My absolute favorite, however, is the sleeved Sptizenkleid “Avalon” with the deep leg cut. The long sleeves look great for the enchanting design of the fitting dress. Through the high-cut skirt, Erin Cole creates a sensuality that gives the creation the perfect level of brilliance.

You can buy the Erin Cole collection in boutiques in the USA and occasionally in Canada, Japan and even Italy. Unfortunately, the talented designer has no shops in Germany. We will show you the complete collection today! Click through our gallery. I wish you a lot of fun to get inspiration!

Photos and wedding dresses by Erin Cole–now on our wedding blog bridal salad!

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