Live More for Less Campo Grande

Friends, it is with immense joy that we are here today to share with you one of the most awaited news of late for us from the Luxury guess: begins to LIVE MORE for LESS CAMPO GRANDE!!! Uhuuulll … we were mega excited, counting the seconds to the start of this that is one of the largest exhibitions of architecture, decoration and landscaping of Brazil! As we’ve talked about the reason for vááárias our euphoria is because this year the LIVING MORE with LESS will have a special place, called ROOM of BLOGGER, which was inspired by the whole palpiteira Raquel Araújo . After months of work, breaks walls break, running behind partnerships and everything else that a work has the right, finally the space was ready, so beautiful and worthy of our pride! But it is subject (and puts that issue!). Gradually we’re showing here on the blog every detail of the show, Blogger room decor x sustainability trends, etc. Today, for our first post giving welcome to the exhibition, we will share a “geralzão” that we’ve done the LIVE MORE for LESS BIG FIELD, so you can have an idea of what the expect.

For those who still do not know, in LIVE MORE for LESS the architects, designers and landscapers have as main objective to develop sophisticated environments within a proposal ace $ $ variable. Visitors will find the best cost x benefit applied in furniture via, decorative objects, floors, cladding. All this through creativity, planning and research. Another point where the LIVE MORE for LESS is the respect for the environment, leveraging resources and materials, being a pioneer in sustainability! Cool, neh? Were excited to learn about the exhibition? So get ready for a real tour: this year the LIVE MORE for LESS CAMPO GRANDE has 54 rooms, distributed in 3,367 m ² of RADIO CITY CLUB, a site that is part of the history of Campo Grande. Looks like a lot, but the time goes by so fast, there are so many cool things to see, that in the end only the remains the expectation for the next edition! In all, 66 were professionals involved, only among architects and interior designer, who worked for 6 months with the aim of offering creative solutions and innovative ideas to decorate a House, or else turn it following architecture and concepts landscaping! And look … so much work was worth it … the environments were showwwwww!!!

Sustainability, innovation, intelligence and modernity.

Check out some of the 2013 Edition environments of LIVE MORE for LESS CAMPO GRANDE!!!

And ae galera, they were interested in visiting the LIVE MORE for LESS CAMPO GRANDE?

These are just a few flashes of the “geralzão” we did there, has muiiita nice thing to show to you! Ahhh … this post has photos of the BLOGGER’S ROOM because we are preparing a post … ops … especially on this corner in honor of palpiteira Raquel Araújo. But we can advance something: you’re already doing the greatest success!

We will visit the exhibition?

The LIVE MORE for LESS CAMPO GRANDE is on display of the day November 7 until December 15.

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