How to Install Recessed Spotlights

The built-in spotlight has many advantages. For example, installed on the ground, it diffuses light sweet from top to bottom, this light direction is favorable for activities frequently and does not sting the eyes by its glare. In addition, given its way of installation and its size, recessed spot occupies very little space and don’t mind the location of other devices and furniture. Because of this, it is preferred by many inhabitants for the interior lighting. However, the installation of recessed spot is a bit more complicated than other lamps, thereby we must know how to do before acting.

First of all, it is advisable to take insulation measures in your ceiling or the material of it is isolated, either use equipment, like the chute, to isolate the electricity inside cables in order to increase the level of security. For the part of installation, there are imperative to cut the power of electricity first, then do like the diagram below:

First step: drill the hole that receives the lamp with a saw, there is not much special to remind, it must just be careful and make sure that the shape of the hole corresponds to that of the part back from the spot, but with a slightly larger size than that of the latter but lower than that of the face of the spot. In General, we announce indicative the size of the hole on the product page.

Second step: recover the electricity cable and get him out of the hole, down the end of the wires and connect them to the spot, specifically, struggling from the transformer of the spot reporting on correspondence of the hot wire and the neutral wire, then take insulation measures, like Ribbon insulator at the junction. It is strongly advised to have the intervention of a professional or an expert of electricity for this kind of work.

Step 3: turn on the spot on the ceiling by pushing the brackets in vertical position until it can enter the hole.

Fourth step: the mounting lugs are spring above the ceiling plasterboard, the spring force will pull the spot until it locks the hole completely. Now, the installation of spotlight is finished via, you can start using the spot.

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