Gifts for Your Home!

He/she hears girls, let’s play House? Hehehehehe … today we have the creativity to the surface. We took advantage of the beginning of the month to give that remodeled the House, after all, nothing better than having a beautiful and cozy nest. It’s not true? It’s so nice to get in your home sweet home and find everything tidy, decorated with cute pieces that match your personality. Hmmm … or you just want to get out of the House! Surveys show that after fashion, decoration is the issue that most attracts women. The increase in income has made many Brazilians to perform, in recent years, the dream of home ownership. And this scenario just boosting indirectly decorating sectors, household items and gifts. And believe me, even the singles already invest part of your salary in purchase of goods for the home.

With creativity and, of course, good taste, anyone is able to make a simple environment in a super cute! We were in SWEET LEAF HOME check out the news that just arrived in store and we were wild with the variety of beautiful pieces, split the head of every housewife. Crystals; ceramics; appliances; cutlery via BestcraftBlog; cups and bowls; pans; bed, bath & beyond, at last, we find a multitude of options to make our home even more “tcham”!!! The store specializes in Wedding List; Bridal shower; Tea Bar (various goodies for men!); Hope chest and Gifts in General, has provided options for those looking for just a little something for a friend, until more sophisticated and luxurious pieces. Ahhh and do you know what’s cooler? The SWEET GRASS HOUSE also has VIRTUAL STORE, so you can be anywhere in the Brazil and put the credit card to work without having to leave home! We love internet compritchas! kkkkkkkkk.

See the three things we found to our home sweet home …

Don’t you just want to take everything home. Accept gifts, tah!

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