History and Different Types of Motorcycle Helmets

There are those who will bother, but everyone knows that a good helmet  is essential for  riding a bike safely.  In this post, we will take a tour of the history and the different models of this equipment. Come on?


As soon as the motorcycles came along, in  1894 when  the first gasoline-powered motorcycle was manufactured in Germany,they already conquered a  legion of lovers,offering something we see to this day, practicality and an incredible sense of freedom .

It did not take  long to  arise the first motorcycle races,with the most famous being the  Isle of Man TT,one  long, exhausting and very dangerous race,which received the affectionate nickname of “race of death”.Does anyone want to guess why?

Obviously, there were no speed limits and much less protection equipment,at most a  sunglasses or leather hood,which  were not worth anything in case of accidents,always very frequent.

After literally knocking a lot of headaches, doctors began researching and developing the first helmets from  canvas and shellac.Proving its efficiency early in the first tests, and by testing I mean real racing. The helmets faced a lot of resistance from pilots. Apparently, their favorite line was “Wear a helmet? Only over my dead body!”.

But  research has advanced  to the point where a doctor, Dr. Hugh Cairns,led a lengthy study  after treating a famous motorcycle rider who had suffered an accident and ended up dying of trauma to the head, helping to  highlight and show the importance of protection To the head when riding a motorcycle. If you ‘ve already had an accident  and  saved yourself  because of the helmet, thank that guy .


Since then, much has changed and  new materials have emerged,coming to  modern times  with  common helmets made  mostly of  reinforced ABS plastic  and  impact-absorbing EPS system(Expanded Polystyrene). More expensive models  can be made of fiberglass  or  carbon  with Kevlar .

The  prices vary,starting  from the simplest  around of  R $ 60  and  more strengthened and sporting reaching  R $ 4,000.To  choose the right format  and the  right accessory,you  need to know the different options  and analyze your style. That’s what I’m going to teach you now.


The helmets are made in basically  4 versions: Closed, Open, Retractable and Cross.So that there is no doubt, now I  will explain each of the types .


Offering the  maximum protection  for the  head, eyes, face and jaw,the  closed helmets  are the most indicated, since they  leave no exposed part.Complete with visor, it should stick firmly to the head without much slack. The  weak point of  this model is  comfort,since the  visor can be blurred  depending on the weather and some people feel “suffocated”. It is best to  look for models with air intakes in order to alleviate this problem.


Also called  3/4,open helmets  may have visor or not.On  models without visor,the  law requires that you wear  safety  goggles.This model offers a  freer and more comfortable style,although it  does not offer protection for the mouth and the jaw.It is more  suitable for those who do not usually drive in high speed  and has low-displacement motorcycles, although the  traffic regulations do not place restrictions on their use  beyond the question of glasses. It is important to remember that the  helmets open  Should cover the side of the head, excluding “coquinhos”, which are prohibited by traffic regulations.


Also known as  retractable and “robocop”, they feature a  jointed clip and  visor,making it easier for the rider not to take off his helmet to talk to someone, for example. Ideal for those who make motoboy services, they  guarantee protection and practicality for those who have a busy day to day .


Specific to  motocross  practice  and trails,cross helmets  have their  own format  to  offer a greater viewing angle,without visor  and also presenting the  obligatory use of goggles.In addition, the  chin is thinner for better aerodynamics  and features  superior visor  that protects the eyes from the sunlight.


In addition to these basic models, it is worth mentioning some variations:

Racing: These are closed helmets, with  air intakes, aerodynamic design  and tend to be  lighter  and fit for the rider’s comfort.

Cross with Visor: They are models with the  style of Cross helmets and already equipped with visor,ideal for those who have a  more sporty and aggressive style to show this while running with the motorcycle through the city.

Bubble Helmet: It is basically an  open helmet with visor in bubble shape,it is characteristic of those who have a  vintage style,combining with  custom bikes  like the  scrambler, custom and coffee racers .


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