High Waisted Pants Trend

Do you want to thin the waist and look taller? One of the must-have of the moment can help, that is high waisted pants.

Among the last of the winter 2015-2016 fashion trends is always engage new must-have that is worth can not miss, if you want to achieve the super-trendy look. We have witnessed the return of the midi skirts, beloved by women who adore the retro style, and also perfect for those who do not want to reveal too much with those tiny legs.

They are back in fashion the fur, increasingly ecological and often colorful, perfect for dealing with style low winter temperatures, and we noticed that even this season velvet has taken a leading role. I mean, what else can we expect?

Among the latest must-have fashion perfect for this cold season, themeparktour recommends the high-waisted pants, giving even a few inches more to those who are not really high. The legs, in this way, can really look like mileage, but what are the models can not miss?

Of high-waisted trousers for winter 2015-2016 there are many and they are also much different. What they have in common, in fact, is just the height of life, which narrows the waist squeezing the silhouette with elegance.

The coolest models

Among the most interesting proposals of the moment certainly include thehigh-waisted jeans. After all, if the height of life is a must have this is perfectly applied to one of the most beloved pants and evergreen of all, namely the jeans. Usually these creations are skinny, although there are also some rare variants with pleats or palazzo.

Also very beautiful fabric ones, like the creations that boast of designs with small checks, houndstooth and other representations such as upholstery flowers. Among the most glamorous models of this period there are alsojoggers. What are? Simply pants which have the cut similar to those of the suit, so narrow, often with elastic, at the ankle. Most of these are blacks and sometimes also enhanced by contrasting inserts, such as lace or skin.

One of the great innovations of this winter are the shorts or cropped pants also defined, ie shortened. They are characterized by pantacapri because they are wide-legged, sometimes a lot, so as to appear as the skirts that reach below the knees. Among them there are those in wool, jersey or other tissues, which can be printed or not. Finally, they can not be omitted Bermuda shorts, or high-waisted shorts. Obviously we are talking about shorts, and in winter we can wear under sweaters and along with the beautiful and warm opaque tights. This will make it possible to be able to realize the date styling.

And you, which of the many high-waisted pants you prefer?