High Top Boots

The high-top boot is a key piece of winter and reinvents itself every season. But you need to know how to use it well: check out infallible fashion tricks to stretch the silhouette and value the look with skirt, shorts, legging or skinny pants. Enjoy and be inspired in our gallery, with more than 30 models of the international catwalks

Every autumn-winter season, the high-top boot reinvents itself as a fashion trend. And the catwalks anticipated that in 2013 the piece will appear with varied textures, colors and fabrics. The classic leather heel or fine leather boots, of course, remain. The proposals paraded by Gucci, Jean Paul Gaultier, Emilio Pucci and Donna Karan are inspiring. But the high boot requires a user profile and harmonious combinations.

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See infallible fashion tricks to wear boots without compromising your look:

Who can wear high boots?

When the boot gets two fingers below the knees, it is already considered to be high. And that’s why”it is more suitable for women with thin legs and long legs,” says Camila Capucci, a fashion professor at Sigbol Fashion. It does not mean that those who do not have this profile should exclude the part from the list of options for the look. There is one criterion.”If the high boot is tight on the calf, it’s best not to use it,” says the teacher. In this case, it is more appropriate to opt for a short boot. The woman who is not so tall and slender can use the shoes to make a monochrome look – preferably of a dark color, with the pants and boot of the same color, which lengthens and softens the silhouette’s volume.

Legging, skirt, shorts and skinny: the best combinations

“Wear your boot with leggings, skinny pants, dresses, skirts and shorts,” advises Camila Cappuci. The first two options ask for looks with the pants and the boot of the same color so as not to divide the leg into two parts. Jackets and sweaters are responsible for overlapping and giving a touch of color to the look. And by speaking in color, when opting for a colored boot, wear a skirt, shorts or a dress and show a piece of the leg.”Between the boot and the skirt there must be a space of 15 to 20 centimeters. It’s a trick not to ‘break’ the visual,” says Camila. The rule is no longer valid for boots with a very high barrel above the knee. With this model, the ideal is that the entire leg is hidden.

High or Low: models for all styles

The boot is a key piece in winter. You can not miss in the wardrobe. And there is no excuse not to have one, since the next season contemplates footwear of all styles. The high-heeled, thin-heeled boot – one of the women’s darlings – appeared in the Balmain, Andrea Incontri and Jean Paul Gaultier fashion shows. Here at Lawschoolsinusa you can get more different models and styles. The boot without heel or low heels also appeared as a trend in the looks paraded by Balmain and Missoni. And as it should be, the classic boot is also fashionable, as the Ruffian show in New York showed. But the novelty – which has the potential to win the streets – is the very high boot, glued to the body and made with fabric, like the one that was paraded in Emilio Pucci’s collection.

How to wear printed or textured boot

The mix of prints is fashionable, but it does require care.”Not to err, the ideal is that the patterns have the same tone, the colors are from the same family,” says the fashion teacher. Another basic tip:”use a maximum of two stamped parts”, warns Camila. If the boot is one of the pieces chosen to compose the mix, the other item needs to be small.”You can not wear a printed dress and boot,” he adds.

Boot x bag

For those who ask themselves: Should I combine the boot with the bag? Camila’s response is no.”The boot has to match the bag to create a balanced look. But the two pieces need not necessarily be the same color,”he says. Even the boot being of high, which already leaves the look with enough visual information, the maxibolsa is released. In fact, with respect to the size of the bag, what counts is the time rule:”The later, the lower the bag,” Camila says. But it is worth remembering that the leather leaves the look”heavy”. Therefore,”if the bag and boot are leather, it has to be very cold,” advises the teacher. Otherwise, choose to mix materials and textures.