High-Definition Tvs LED Tvs

Samsung Led Tv line, the future of high definition TVs

The line of Samsung LED TVs came to make possible something you thought impossible: to present a TV superior to the LCD and Plasma TVs ! Great, huh? The new Samsung LED TVs use, as its name says, LED technology, which means Ligh Emmiter Diode, or led. Let’s understand more?

High-Definition Tvs LED Tvs

The name LED is the lighting of the screen of the tv sets be done through hundreds of leds positioned around the screen, on the edges. In LCD and Plasma TVs this lighting is made behind the screen.

The advantages of Samsung’s LED TVs line are numerous. The first and perhaps the most important is the quality of the image. Enlightenment through the leds on the edges of the screen provides an image more alive, with stronger colors and more real. The leds also respond much faster by being “connected” and “turned off”, avoiding the ghosting in the transition from light to dark screens screens and vice versa. Also allow a great viewing even in environments with incident light, reducing the reflections on the screen.

Another advantage that cannot be ignored is the decrease in the thickness of fabrics. The screen of Samsung LED televisions line is approximately 3 cm, and are thinner TVs in the world. In keeping with the tradition of Samsung, the low power consumption is a registered trademark of these televisions. They consume approximately 40% less power than LCD and Plasma TVs.

Because they are thinner and lighter, the line LED TVs from Samsung does not use harmful environmental components, such as lead or mercury. Complementing the design, the remote control is rounded shape, like a small gemstone, having been designed as secondary control for access to commonly used functions. How could it be, have HDMI input to connect with Blue-ray.

But the greatest attraction of some models of this line is the complete multimedia solution with informative and entertaining content that can be easily accessed through the features: Internet TV, DLNA Wireless, Content Library and USB 2.0. Learn how it works:

The Content Library offers 5 categories of entertainment ever recorded on the internal memory of your tv. The varieties are: Gallery, gym, kitchen, Kids and games. Additional content can be expanded through downloads via the web or from your personal files. The DNLA feature Wireless, through a home network, offers content from PC to TV, so you can play the contents of the computer directly on Samsung LED TV. And completing the multimedia personality of equipment this line, through the USB 2.0 Movie connect any portable digital media device to the tv. Watch movies, see photos and listen to your songs on your tv screen.

The line of LED televisions from Samsung represents the future of high-definition TVs. Who is experiencing falls.

I don’t know about you, but I love it! The game is played.