Hestra Guide Glove Sale

After a period of yearning before I got to the end of a pair of Hestra Field Guide Glove, a purchase I am very pleased with. The glove has so far spent two winter tours where I’ve used it for skiing, hiking and the firewood collection. It is really durable, with sharp stitches but still feels smooth to use.

According to transporthint, it takes 2 hours and 6 minutes to produce a pair of guide glove. The process involves 26 different people and some operations are so minor that the pill sewn with tweezers. Sleep Moon is 2 millimeters. And even if the material waste is minimal so, it takes 195 meters of thread to a single pair.

The glove was developed in collaboration with Lars Fields, one of Sweden’s leading survival experts. It is made of durable leather with removable wool lining. The lining work thermo-regulating and moisture wicking while it dries quickly if it happens to get wet.


In order to get a good combination of durability and flexibility has been provided Hestra glove with cowhide on the top side and goat leather on the inside. All leather is impregnated and if you nurture it, this glove become a faithful companion for many years.

Eyelet with carabiner makes it possible to attach the gloves in or belt loops on the backpack.