Hermes Belts – Where to Buy, Prices, Models

Where to Buy, Prices and Models of Brand Belts Hermes

The fashion of the Hermes belts has come to stay with many models of Hermes belts you can buy and stay in fashion that is doing very successfully, the Hermes Belts is the new sensation the women’s fashion, The Hermes brand can be in, purses, cases for mobile, cases for ipad and mainly in bags and belts, here you will see where to buy, how to use and the models of belts of Hermes.

The belt of Hermès, beloved and desired by many women, making much success in Brazil and for the Country also today you will see prices the most traditional belt 32mm leather belt and shiny gold buckle has matte, grooved, silvery. The price is already of the belt assembled with the two parts they are sold separately. In Brazil the price is R $ 2,900.00. At the moment, do not have in the store of the brand in the shopping center Cidade Jardim, where you can buy, but you can buy also in Hermes store in São Paulo, with many different models you can buy Hermes belt, remembering that it is better to buy for because most of the colors are with the two types of buckles, the silver and the gold, the buckles are removable, so you can use both sides. Unfortunately the buckle belt is not sold separately, the size sold in the store is 102 cm, but fits in the waists from 60 to 100 cm. This is because the buckle is on the tip and you can scale the size and the leftover is inside, is not noticeable, many famous bought the belts of Hermes this French brand is very successful outside the Country, buy your belt Hermes and stay in style.

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