Here’s How To Have a Greener Bathroom

The concern with the environment increases every day. And the discussion is not just about what is consumed, but mainly on the destination that is given to what consumes. It is therefore natural that the wave of sustainability invade also the bathrooms.

According to foodanddrinkjournal, truly ecological toilets are those who do not send the waste to the sewer in the traditional way. “Imagine that everything that comes out of our bathroom needs to be collected, separated from the water and taken to a landfill-and the remaining water, treated to be returned to the network. The whole process is expensive and in general very polluting, “says the expert. “The ideal would be to use a toilet that separates urine from feces, and a system in which each is stored and ready for use as a fertilizer”.

According to Daniela, the cost for execution of a bathroom like that is not as high, but requires space and knowledge. Anyway, it is possible to adopt a series of measures to make the use of the bathroom more ecologically friendly. The easiest one is water savings.

“Today most bowls with attached box has a dual drive, which allows you to choose between a surge with more water, solid waste, or less, for urine. Even more discharge “strong” uses only 6 litres of water, far less than the old ones. There are also several economic showers–the consumption might fall to 28 liters per minute for up to 10 liters, “he says. For those who do not want to change the shower, it is possible to buy a dimmer that is inside of the play and decreases the water flow.

But, for those who live at home, the options are more extensive. Buy a reservoir to store rainwater, for example. “This box is connected to a filter and water can be used to feed the discharge and taps, reducing much consumption. These solutions must be increasingly cheap and affordable, and we start thinking different: we believe that these resources, which seemed inexhaustible, could end up if we don’t know how to use.”