Heels Class: the Dance Do Not Descend from the Jump

If for many women walking in high heels is no longer an easy task, dancing may seem like an almost impossible activity.  That’s why  heels class classes  can help. Ideal for  those who love to dance, but without taking off the shoe, the sport still combines all the benefits that dance can offer the body. 

Heels Class can help in your fitness goal

Dances with heeled shoes are nothing new according to Harvardshoes . Many styles depicted in historical photos show dancers  in heels-it is possible to see record dating to the Middle Ages, both men and women.

But only recently has a specific training model been created for those who love to dance on the jump. The modality was inspired by the  performances  of great pop divas, such as Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and  Beyoncé-and not just a modality for women.

French choreographer Yanis Marshall gathers millions of views on Youtube  in his performances over jumps. It takes a lot of disposition, balance and a good dose of will.

Classes are a great way to learn to  explore sensuality, but are able to help as a physical exercise. It is that they also have the goal of strengthening legs, abdomen and back, which are worked to support the posture in the jumps. In addition, they also incorporate an aerobic part.

The heels class is still a good fit for women who love to walk in  high heels, but who do not feel confident. At the beginning, lessons are taught about posture and how to prepare to stand on tiptoe-which is important to help those who can not stay long with this type of shoe.

Getting accustomed also helps to increase the tolerance of the feet to the pain. According to a study released by the UK College of Podiatry, pain when wearing high heels usually starts after just over an hour and six minutes. However, 20% of women even report  intense discomfort  after only ten minutes.

Is high-heeled dancing safe?

The first thing before starting your heels class classes is to make sure your shoe is comfortable. This is because  discomfort  in the feet is one of the biggest causes of injury. Start slowly and when you are comfortable in your high heels, you will be able to reap the benefits of this type of dance.

A survey of the University of Verona in Italy studied 66 women and concluded that jumps are able to help in strengthening the pelvic region and  abdominal muscles. Is that high angle requires women to lean forward a little.

This allows you to increase the contraction capacity of the pelvic muscles. The Benefits? More satisfying sex  and less problems of urinary incontinence. Even so, you need to take care of the time you get with this type of shoe.

A study published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice found that wearing high heels strengthens the ankle initially, but leads to weakening and instability over time. Some measures are important to  avoid injury.

Make a combination of  stretching  and strength training and balance. To lengthen, you can use a towel and pull your foot toward you for 30 seconds. To train your leg muscles, place small objects on the floor and use your fingers to pick them up. For balance, stand on one foot at a time and hold the position for 30 seconds.

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