Hairstyle For Short Hair (Step By Step) Onion

Many girls who just pass by Barber, believe that it is not possible to make a hairstyle of onion for short hair, since they now have less hair. The truth is that if you’ve cut you yours to the shoulders or a little higher up, you can still enjoy this comfortable style.

The typical onions of dancer is not only a cute hairstyle, but also comfortable and versatile when you want to go to the gym or to work.

Whether with or without bangs, always looks great.

Then see how you can make it into a mane midi or cortita, in just a couple of minutes and very stylish.

How to make an onion for hair short hairstyle

To make this hairstyle, you need something which fill the monkey.The most classic is to use a donut thick hair. In addition, going to require fork and if you’re a rebellious hair, some of lacquer.

Brush very well all your hair to end nodes and then pick it up in a tight ponytail. You will have to make it high and make sure that there are no lumps at the bottom.

Once you have made tail, slip the doughnut by it. It takes the rest of the hair to cover it, spreading it around the attachment and run it always on one side, to cover it completely.

Hold it in place with the forks. Excess hair should go below the doughnut. You can accommodate them with your hands until you get the desired look. So that you can better understand the steps above, see this tutorial channel Style4Life MX, where you will see them replicated one by one. It also has other useful beauty videos, if you want to subscribe.

As you can see, it is a beautiful style and very cool for different occasions. Instead of using a false as seen in the video, you can resort to the classic trick of getting a donut or even wrap a sock, no one will see you!

What do you think on this hairstyle for short hair onion? It is great for busy women.