H & M Store Las Vegas

Measuring more than 5,000 square meters and is spread over three levels the new H & M store, as the simple definition of shop in this case is not sufficient, which opened at the Forum Shops inside the luxurious Cesars Palace in Las Vegas, Forum which already hosts over 160 different boutiques. So it is no coincidence that the new store H & M is the largest in the world. In Las Vegas are already active two more H & M stores, one in the Town Square and the other and miracole Mile, this is the third, and then start with a bang.

The times are very high if only the entrance and the rooms are so vast that it is easy to get lost. Each area is a small show which includes choreographed lighting to enhance the collections without esasperarle, among dozens and dozens of mannequins and sculptures, including a white horse, to make a simple shopping promenade unique experience.

Some mannequins hanging from the ceiling with balls in silver and gold mirror, really chanting majestic vaults that lead the eye up the three levels of the store, visible through balconies and interior windows. As you can see from the gallery, the impression is that this time the giant low cost fashion has not spared no expense, the rest of the brand marks a success after another and different star choose it to the best-known luxury brands.

The two thousand square meters of the store Parma were evidently not sufficient and for that of certain American fashion addicted will be grateful. For sale in women’s clothing, men and children, shoes and accessories, in short, everything that the Swedish brand has always offered.