GoPro HERO2: a All-Terrain Camera to Record Your Adventures

If you are lovers of extreme sports and don’t want to miss the picture of the great adventure, it is clear that not just any camera can help you. But the GoPro HERO2 You can find it very useful because it is a all-terrain camera that will allow you to record the adventures most risky.

GoPro HERO2 Camera

The GoPro HERO2 It is the new model that follows the earlier HERO and HERO HD. The new sports camera It is a true off-roader has evolved a lot and for good on previous models. The innovated camera will allow you to get both photos and videos of your adventures in bicycle, motorcycle, sky, surfing, snowboarding and even in paragliding, kayak or skate.

The GoPro HERO2 is capable of performing fup to 11 other Mpx with a CMOS sensor, can shoot manually or schedule a shot or several every certain time, an ideal choice if you really don’t want to lose any image while you’re on the move.

It also allows you to capture sequences of movement a mode called “ photo burst ” that fires 10 11 megapixel photos in one second.

In addition, since it is difficult to set recording parameters in motion, the camera makes it by ti have a fixed focus, finding a white balance and exposure control, although has no image stabilizer. Also to have a wide viewing angle and anchoring the camera in a static support, the image tends to stabilize obtained an acceptable result

On the other hand, a useful feature of this camera is its ability to capture up to 170 degrees of vision from the point of recording, which is no doubt fascinating if you want to get a picture of ti starring in an extreme sport.

The options of video the HERO2 are also very good. It is capable of recording from 720 p at 24, 25 and 50 fps at 1080 p, only at 25 fps. It also offers a way of recording slow motion in quality WVGA. Perhaps the greatest difficulty to record vbideo is your audio that while that able to burn on the outside and below the water, has a remarkable quality and is something that maybe in the next update will improve. However, the camera allows external microphone, something that can compensate for the audio problems, although it is partly.

The battery lasts not very consistent with the characteristics of the camera, as it only has 5 hours of autonomy that it can be reduced depending on weather conditions.

The new GoPro HERO2 camera is marketed through Songaah in three different packs: Outdoor, for generic situations, Motorsports, for car and moto, and Surf for water sports specifically, cameras are the same in each pack and only vary the accessories that accompany it.

The camera includes a waterproof housing that allows you to dip it several meters and anchor it to different stands selling GoPro (for bike, flat and curved surfaces, helmets, surfboards, doll and others).

The total price of the GoPro HERo2 in any of its three versions is 348 EUR and since it has no screen can add a small screen LCD for 90 euros or accompany it with Wireless Remote that allows you to connect the camera to any smartphone, this will be carried out from April at a yet unknown price.