Google+ Welcomes for Companies

Of the gates Google + is now open for business. The on Monday Google announced that corporations are finally accepted in the social network that should replace the Orkut over time (although they themselves deny this information). Google+ Pages was released and must appear for users very soon.

Vic Gundotra, VP of Engineering at Google, published an article on the official blog of the company in which he comments on the launch of Google+ Pages. Gundotra argues that until now the social network was focused on relationships between people. Why could not add companies, much less adopt pseudonyms and the like. Step completed, it is time to encourage the relationship of people with commercial firms.

The reprimand was great. Several company profiles have been deleted as soon as Google+ debuted a few months ago. Although there was a ban on legal entities there. What business users expect was something similar to Facebook pages, which allow companies to build relationships with your target audience. Google+ pages work in a very similar way.

To create a page in the new Google social network is necessary to enter this link and follow the step by step. Warning: this feature is not available for all users. I even could not open the tool to create new page (even using Chrome). Already Rafa, editor TB successfully managed to open the tool after jumping from Firefox to Chrome.

By the way, Google+ fits the “activity blog” in Arts, Entertainment and Sports. They should have added “media” to the mix so that things become clearer.

Some companies appear in the official opening of corporate pages on Google+. It’s even better because so users will get used to the type made ​​by professional profiles. The Toyota US, for example, has not shared anything at all. Beside the company name appear two insignia: the first reports that the account was verified by the Google+ team; the second means that it is a business page.

As well as profiles of individuals, the pages for companies can be added to circles users. From there the netizen accompanies that particular brand, product or company shares in the social network. The same goes for when the company der +1 results search of Google, which will also appear for whom added as a “friend” on the network.

Building on the launch of the business pages, Google also announces a new search attribute. The next time you enter the Google search, put “+” followed by the name of a product or service. If it exists in Google+, the company will automatically take you to that profile. I did the test here and I could not test this feature. Anyway, below is the video release of the feature. It is called Direct Connect in English.

(YouTube Video)

Google+ pages for businesses have four possible content classifications: free; for over 18 years; for over 21 years; and alcohol-related.