Google Stock Depletes Notebook with Chrome OS

Without much fanfare, the Google ended its free distribution program notebooks Cr-48first gadget officially equipped with Chrome OS in the world. Begun last December, the delivery of the equipment only happened in the US and was part of the last tests of the light-weight operating system before its official arrival in the market, which should happen in the middle of this year.

The announcement was made (more or less) by the vice president of Google products, Sundar Pichai, on his personal Twitter account, responding to a microblogging site user who had asked him a Cr-48, “Sorry, all the units have already been delivered. But thanks for your interest. Devices produced by partners should arrive soon, “he wrote.

Announced way back in 2009 in full fever netbooks, Chrome OS is “an operating system designed for the web” that promises to run with ease on machines with really modest hardware. In any case, some experts believe that the success of his stepbrother Android might make the program die even before reaching the shops.