Google Promotes Major Changes in Visual, Starting with the Search and the Calendar

Many people noticed: to access any of the services Google, there is the top bar (the one that contains links to other services, in addition to identifying the email user and provide access to the settings) with a totally different color. It was a closer to the black tone, while not all black, right? This is just the beginning of major changes in the interface of Google.

The company explains that the user experience with the Internet has changed in recent years, and now is the turn of Google modify its various interfaces to reflect the new kind of experience users expect from web-based services. We will have more technology, thanks mainly to HTML5 , and focus, as the Internet giant promises layouts that are easier to use and intuitive.

Among the first sites Google to go through the changes is the home page of the browser. The brand became smaller, the buttons are more personalized, so to speak – the “I’m Feeling Lucky” is still there – and footer links were actually stop at the bottom. To complete a brand new button and blue to perform the search.

Unfortunately the home of Google makeover is not yet available in the local version to Brazil for all users (I can not open), but you can test it by visiting this page. So you have a taste of what will soon in his beloved search engine.

The Google Calendar (also known as Google Calendar) has undergone changes and is in line with the new visual identity defined by the Mountain View staff.

The Next Web notes that there is a new rapid addition of commitments feature. Access to the functions of printing and refresh the page is through icons, and no more than text links. The calendars list became optional, which saves space on the left sidebar. And these are just some implementations made ​​in the agenda.

At least one of the service Google with a new look appeared to Brazilians. The Google Maps (or Google Maps, if you prefer) received the new search bar, with the brand new blue button. As in the Calendar, some functions have ceased to be offered through text links and now appear as buttons – print, e-mail and generate link that location and is more accurate.

I have the impression that Google is simplifying its layouts to make them less like web pages and more with web-based applications. Exchanging links in text for icons let it clear. If you will please users, then the question is another.

Update – 29.06.2011 at 21h09 | Addition information.