Google is Giving 2 GB of Free Space for Those Who Complete This Security Check

In celebration of World Safer Internet Day, which takes place on Tuesday (9), the Google is encouraging users to a security check on their accounts. After confirming that no one is improperly accessing your information, you will get 2 GB of space on Google’s servers, not indefinitely.

The process is simple: Go to page Safety Check Google and verify your information. The wizard will ask you your email password recovery, display devices and services that have access to their data and, if applicable, confirm your authentication settings in two stages.

Upon completing the scan, just visit this page to confirm the additional space in your account, which will appear as “security check Bonus in 2016” when mousing over the use of graphic:

If you had completed the Google security checklist in 2015 and won 2 GB gift store, also gain the bonus to repeat the process this time. This space holds true not only for Google Drive, but also for Gmail and Google Photos.

The offer is until Thursday (11), but I’d do it right now. It’s fast and you have nothing to lose, after all. For those who have more time available and want to make 1 TB of storage on Google Drive, here’s a tip.