Gmail Suffers Choking and out of the Air

Apocalypse almost arrived. For ten minutes I’m sure thousands of Brazilians try to access their e-mail without proper success. The Gmail simply went off the air without explanation to date for the incident. However, it is good to note that there were users with access to the service, even if there are many complaints on social networks.

Here in TB, despite being on the same network with the same IP, I was not so much access to my Gmail as my TBmail (the email of our site based on Google Apps). The Mobilon in your MacBook running Chrome remained using both Gmail and Google Talk from the web interface (ie within Gmail).

In this short period of time Gmail faced difficulties, I came across the following codes for error: 502, 503 and 500. The last of them says that the account is “temporarily inaccessible”, whatever that means.

The page for Gmail service status at any time pointed to the incident. There was a gasp that at this point seems to have been resolved. Both access to Gmail and the Google Apps email is being restored to users.

That is, for 5 minutes netizens were with nothing to do. After all, I imagine for a lot of people Gmail is a fundamental tool for the tasks of everyday life. At least for me is…

Next to your Gmail goes down and you run out of things to do, the recommendation – of course! – Is in here in TB and enjoy the little game Addictive Week. Have they seen whatwas published today?

Update – 23/09/2011 16:00 | Without giving details, the account officiates l Gmail on Twitter confirmed the failure: “Ic! Oops, excuse us. Everything is back to normal now; sorry for that.”