Glamor Shoes

In a period that is the heart of the launches of new collections, we can begin to draw conclusions about the accessories that arouse more interest in the fairer sex, who, when comes to shopping and fashion, it becomes anything but nice!

If you are part of that, hearty, slice of people who use the word glamor as a real way of being, it will be well satisfied because this season offers a wide selection of accessories, but especially shoes accessories. By heels vertiginous those satin-earth, from the plateau stiletto, there is room for all.

For those who like Swarovski and sequins combined with high heels and high plateau, we think Albano, who, with his new collection is perfectly able to grasp all that glamor can fit in your shoe. The comodose instead may opt for the beautiful satin-earth sandals Gardini, or for those with details more “ethnic” byCristin, for “studded” of Apepazza or “semi-boots” by Janet & Janet. Do not remain empty-handed either those who live by dancers, who can point to elegant beings with those proposed by Luca Stefani and Swish or more simple with the dancers in leather Alberto Fermani, while the sports can not give up the sports-glam line Fornarina. the real novelty of these new proposals is that the sandal closed and high ankle that leaves out the rest of the foot, is the philosophy adopted by Divine Follie and Alberto Fermani.

Inevitable of course, back in fashion for some years, the wedges, which cork or wood that they will agree a little all, especially for their comfort, make good use of this year Primadonna and Andrea Morelli .