Gift Idea for Moms-to-Be: Belt Mp3

Listen to music during pregnancy you know it’s good for the baby. Here is an original and innovative gift idea for mom pregnant.

An original and innovative gift idea for pregnant women is the “belt mp3”: a device, called pace, created by the American company Nuvo, which hovers around the belly of pregnant woman and links to music player.

This is essentially a flexible belt in front is divided into two arcs, which are surrounding the belly top and bottom. Each of them has two “speakers” through which the music comes as close as possible to your unborn baby.

The beneficial effect of music in pregnancy has long been known, not only because it reduces maternal stress and anxiety levels, with beneficial effects on the fetus, but also because it seems able to stimulate creativity, memory, concentration and logical-mathematical abilities of the baby.
Think that, listening to the good known since before the birth, the baby tends to relax and calm down.
In conclusion, if the gift you want to combine some CDs, you can orient yourself according to these guidelines:

  • the music most suitable are some classical music, sweet and slow, mainly Mozart, Vivaldi and Debussy
  • the long solos by violin or flute would be avoided, as it seems that shake the fetus
  • new age music and the sounds of nature appear to be indicated.

Stores for pregnancy are available, however, special collections of sounds and songs.