Ghd Hair Italy for Men

Let’s dive in haistyling most original and trendy for the Spring Summer 2014 presented at Cosmoprof 2014 by Ghd Italy, a leader in the field of heat styling.

Mauro Galzignato, artistic director of Ghd Italy and the Italian team RockandRollHair, takes us on a pleasant journey in the fashion capitals with “Global Fashion Week Inspiration: New York, Milan, Paris, London”: hairstyles over the top designed for women cosmopolitan from wild & chic look.

Looks Milan Fashion Week , presented by the Italian Team RockandRollHair Mauro Galzignato take inspiration from the big names of the fashion system as Antonio Marras, Alberta Ferretti, Emporio Armani and Bottega Veneta. Let’s find out these original hairstyles dedicated to women who do not fear to show themselves and appear!

LOOK 1: Movements in the root to 180 ° reverse, in the top plates with volumes expanding triangle. On the hair creates a wave start and then a plate hedgehog characterized by a twist in the winding, warms the lock with the styler and you point. The result textures are “dirty” which, however, retain the wave. This hairstyle is sweeping lovers wavy hair!

LOOK 2: With the new style dryer Ghd aura, are realized voluminous drying, the wrapped with braids and harmonious volume “on the top” element of matter called “dirty hair effect.” It’really amazing the movement that you create on your hair!

LOOK 3: Hair up with glossy effects, volumes and textures shine with central ridge style punk urban, from the wild peaks that make the street effect, particular the four alternate plots, one of which is inserted inside the canopy, attached by clips and hairpins. A hairstyle really over the top!

LOOK 4: Disconnections and textures with wild extensions and rebels of the tips, super cotonate for maximum volume, aggravation of shapes and soft volumes that recall the Sixties.

The hairstyles  New York Fashion Week, also submitted by the Italian Team RockandRollHair Mauro Galzignato, instead taking inspiration from Pamella Roland, Zac Posen and Alice Oliva.

LOOK 1: Matrices sixties with contamination street, three braids that frame the left side and simulate an under cut. Volumes that expand the right-hand side by the soft and rounded movement. Texture Shoe Shine “shoe shining” effect, which is to deconstruct the masses by creating micro textures. A sort of “home-made” very chic hairstyling who plays the best summer hair trends! Here at you can get more different models and styles.

LOOK 2: A super novelty among the hairstyles trendy summer 2014 the new technique “Vogue”, which recalls dirty textures marked by straight tips. Two movements, softer and “dirty” one, more disciplined and drawn the other, while maintaining the ‘street effect, to the freak and the urban. The result on the hair is not obvious!

LOOK 3: You love curly hair and bulky? With this hairstyle we have more glam flat roots thanks to the ‘ wet-lived, and wider external volumes with textures from curly hair and super frizz to create a strong contrast between the base and length.

LOOK 4: Always on the cutting medium hair look dirty texture-total of all the hair size, continuity from root to tip, the triangle remains the basic form and the effect is governed, but in distressed way. The hair is fluffy and moving.

The hairstyles and haircuts of the  Paris Fashion Week and London Fashion Week , presented by the British team of Ghd, showed hairstyles from the strong emphasis “inspirational”, very niche and alternative. The Look Paris has enclosed a mix of Look Milan-New York-London and added a more ‘fetish’ hairstyling thanks to dresses in black leather, with studded accessories and metal elements. The Look London instead created a disconnect between the delicacy of the long dresses in pastel colors and the editorial processing of the hair, the more strong, sculptural and punk-chic.

To find out in detail all the incredible 2014 summer hairstyles look at the pictures in the gallery!