Get Out of the Snow Boots – Purely in the Ballerinas!

I think so slow even the pessimists among us can ship their winter boots in the basement or the attic and pick up the summer camp.

Especially the summer shoes may be dusted and cleaned to catch the first rays of the Sun.

What shoes do you prefer in the spring and summer?

My Favorites so far are sandals and flip-flops, for long standing as usual by Gabor – rolling soft or mules of think, I love that too. But maybe I try out beauties ballerinas like many other plus size. You are beautiful flat to have reasonably convenient and in many colors.

According to Wikipedia, a ballerina is a classic flat slip-on shoe model that owes its name to the Visual resemblance to the usual Ballet Pointe Shoes and ballet slippers.

One speaks of a ballerina, if the following features are available:

They have a flat sole without sales.

You can slip into just in it.

You are front and rear.

Ballerinas are top cut off.

Often, take a bow, sometimes also other embellishments.

Classic models are round known as babydoll shape.

This type of women’s shoes is known already for more than six decades on the market, and popular. Brigitte Bardot and especially Audrey Hepburn wore like ballerinas on the canvas and privately. Thus, the triumph of the Ballerina began shoes around the world.

I find particularly practical ballerinas: just go in and slip out and you’re done. No long lines and pure force. And where a pumps tweaks and itch it goes slightly more comfortable with the ballerina. So to prevent unsightly dents and blisters on the feet and the stressed feet may recover once.

Preferably I like suffer from ballerinas to 3/4 leggings and narrow pants.And preferably without stockings! Then the whole can look cool.
Just not too wide pants combine, which acts quickly manners.

They are available in classic plain, with small bows, brightly patterned with mini a small paragraph and and and. Even with skull pattern.

You will find a great selection of ballerinas such as when to Tamaris.

My favorite would be this here, because my big feet must not be missed the straps again to divide the length of the foot.

Unfortunately no longer in size 42 in stock, otherwise I had done the same for 29.95 euro.

More tips on shoes buy online are BB´s in this article here.

Do You Wear Also Ballerinas? If Yes, To What Outfit?

I am pleased about a comment right here below. Thank you very much!