Gems to Whet Your Sense

20 january 2016 – posted in: jewelry for women -tags: big earrings, chain, jewelry,bracelet.

Iconic fashion designer Coco Chanel once said “it’s not the carats that count, but the effect”. There’s no way disagree. The gems fascinate those who see and make it even more interesting who wears. You don’t need a diamond as your best friend adorning the neck, but just a well-chosen piece, made with quality materials and with a special design for detail to pass the visual protagonist.

A well-chosen jewel, well designed, sharpens the senses. Cast the first stone who never went through a showcase of jewels and stood there, watching in silence as who look at a work of art and you want to put it at home – in this case, neck-and take it for that extra special party. It’s hard to explain this effect of admiration that the jewels cause.

The colors, the brightness, the curves of a well-made play, even if they are not of the most expensive, recreate on a nearly uncontrollable urge us to use them. And best of all is that the jewels are tailored to each occasion and style and even help present around our personality. You should probably have a friend who always wears a diamond earring, a chain or bracelet that is your trademark. Or a co-worker who’s always with colored maxicolares or big earrings.

No one stays unmoved after looking at a beautiful jewel. Generally, she always comes with a compliment and a beautiful smile. We know that a silver bracelet is a simple silver bracelet.

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