Garmin Fenix 2 Smartwatches

Navigation specialist Garmin expanded its broad portfolio to an extremely versatile GPSWatch: The fēnix 2 can so to say ‘everything’. Because it combines familiar functions from multisport and outdoor areas with many features of a Smartwatch. Whether mountaineering, running, trail running, biking, skiing or swimming – with their extensive navigation, training and competition features the fēnix feels don’t care 2 anywhere in your home. In addition to track and way point navigation, it provides functions of running analysis and helps the athletes to develop constantly.

Fēnix 2 is the first Garmin watch that spans between the most advanced running and training functions and a classic ABC Watch (altimeter, barometer, compass) with navigation functions. Predefined profiles allow a selection of activities and the use of specific functions with the touch of a button. The elegant matte black fēnix 2 like also by their robust appearance, their comfort and the highlighted red start / stop button.


The fēnix 2 measures in addition to classic performance data such as distance, time, pace and heart rate training parameters, as we knew them only by special high end running watches. Just like the Garmin Forerunner 620 2 she calculated fēnix the maximum oxygen intake capacity (VO2max) for determining the level of individual performance. In addition specifies the recovery time advisor how long one should pause after a training session, before the body is ready again for the next training stimulus. In addition to this precise performance analysis, the new run of the HRM chest strap offers the possibility of running analysis. You entered this Cadence, the ground contact time as well as the vertical movement of the body (in centimeters). A quicker and more economical running style consists of a uniform and high cadence, a short ground contact time as well as a small high-deep movement of the body. The feedback of the fēnix 2 indicates not only how to improve its own performance level, but by the way to a more efficient running style also provides the relief of muscles, tendons and bones, what contributes to the health and injury free.


A Bluetooth low energy interface allows to send Garmin’s new high-end watch, captured data directly via the Garmin Connect mobile app to the Garmin Connect online community. In addition, the connection between clock and the own activity with the help of LiveTrack Smartphone allows to share in real time with others. The synchronization of fēnix 2 with Garmin Connect offers another major advantage: the satellite data for the next few days are automatically transferred to the clock, and the fēnix 2 needed only a moment to establish a GPS connection. Informed by the coupling with the Smartphone also via smart notifications about incoming calls, messages, and emails.


The intuitive user interface of the fēnix 2 makes it easy to switch between different sporting activities. The integrated profiles are optimized for the type of sport and ensure that each main features on the watch are displayed (you can change it but also freely or add new profiles). In addition to the classics such as running, cycling and mountain climbing, the fēnix offers 2 additional activity profiles as the indoor, skiing, cross-country skiing or swimming mode.

The ski mode is suitable for snowboarders and captures the ski and snowboard activities per day. The fēnix 2 recognizes automatically when the winter sportsman or the lift will and records the individual runs with speed, distance and altitude. The same function can be used also in the bike park. In the swim mode she captured fēnix 2 under open sky the number of moves, distance, pace and speed, as well as in the swimming pool. During a workout in the Fitness Studio can also the distance and speed by the motion sensor in the watch are measured. This makes them especially versatile and the perfect companion for the athlete.


As already the fēnix, also the fēnix is 2 with a high-sensitivity GPS receiver, a barometric altimeter, as well as a tendency-independent 3-axis compass. Advanced navigation capabilities allow, routes to plan and display waypoints to save, but also points of interest or geocaches. Up to 10,000 track – 1,000 waypoints the watch can save and easily share with other compatible Garmin devices or smartphones and upload to Garmin BaseCamp. The very useful TracBack function the fēnix 2 everyone safely returns to the starting position.


Thanks to the steel-reinforced housing, scratch-resistant mineral glass and the water resistance up to 50 metres deep (5 ATM), the fēnix is extremely hard on the rise 2. With its Matt Black design, the negative display and the red LED backlight the new high end must not hide clock in everyday life. Another new feature is the provided with textile strap that ensures more flexibility. Thanks to ANT + fēnix 2 even with the air temperature can be connect sensor, heart rate, speed and Cadence sensor, and the vector Wattmess-pedal system. Another highlight of the ANT + connectivity is that which fēnix 2 as a remote control for the VIRB action cameras can act.

In a short video explains product manager Peter Weir ether the main features of the new fēnix 2:

Who needs yet actually a forerunner 620 or 910XT if you fēnix with the 2 virtually all the features (and more) in a watch? You can forgo missing, known from the FR 620, WiFi connectivity really confidently. Maybe you could design the housing even somewhat more compact and lighter, but “tactical” the fēnix 2 a rugged outdoor watch actually makes out. In short, the fēnix 2 has the potential to the egg-laying wool milk sow par excellence under the GPS watches.

The Garmin fēnix 2 smartwatch comes probably from to a non-binding retail price of €399 in the trade (449 Euro with HRM-run chest belt).

There is more information at our site. initial tests with live photos of the Garmin fēnix 2 there is already DC Rainmaker and