Fun Sport Ameland

Ameland is a sporty island. It has two football clubs: Amelandia with the fields in Hollum, yellow and white, with fields that lie between Nes and Buren. The two clubs play each year the island derby, it’s a struggle for Cor Wijnberg Cup and a tournament for the cup of Ameland. Both clubs have made for football player who starred in professional football.

Amelandia wins the Cor Wijnberg Cup Figure Molenaar Koos

Sports Club Amelandia

Amelandia sports club was formed in 1928, although the Association was called when HVV, Hollumer Football Association. In 1946 the football club merged with two gymnastics clubs. It was Hollumer Cor Wijnberg which gave its name to the new Club: Sports Club Amelandia. Wijnberg continued in years for the Club. Annually fighting veterans of yellow and white Amelandia on Whit Monday to Cor Wijnberg Cup. Every year in August, the Derby of the first law of Ameland Cup.


Amelandia together several sports, including football. The Association has a section:

  • Football
  • Volley-ball
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Futsal

Orange shirt

The football player Amelandia plays in an orange shirt with the emblem Amelandia, white shorts and blue socks. Amelandia know F1 E1, D1, C1, B1 and Amelandia 1. plays a Amelandia in the 5th grade D.

Jan Brown

Jan Brown of Hollum got wings in Amelandia uniform. He ended up in professional football in 1991. He was top scorer in Cambuur Leeuwarden, where he played until 1995. For two years he played football with the Club in the Premier League. Brown continued his career at FC Zwolle, FC Volendam, went back to Cambuur Leeuwarden and finally he played until 2008 when Storm vogels Telstar.
In August 2006, the former Ameland was held for the first time a successful clinic for Amelandia players. It was also the kickoff for the John Brown Tournament, an annual event for the youth team.Brown was on Amelandia already a passionate football player. He says:?? When I was just 15 and played in the B?? s, I was?? morning waits often on the sign at the triple jump in the hope that it can be a first male had too little. At one point it was so. Theo de Boer, who was then the leader said I m?? n stuff can get and it got Gersloot. So I went home to download m?? s bag, which had long been ready, of course. We played 1-1. I got raids in the second half and a goal came off my size 46. From that moment on, I am no longer in the first left. ??

Voetbalvereniging Yellow White

Catholic Sports Club? Yellow White?? founded on 9 may 1934. At the same time the football club for all Amelanders available. The sports club does with 13 teams participated in the KNVB competitions: three senior teams, an A team and a B team, C team, two teams (D), (E) two teams and three teams Fjes. Yellow white plays in a yellow shirt with yellow white crest, white shorts and white socks.

Third class

Yellow white plays only since 1970 in competitions. Previously, it was literally taken out of the boat because football two hours ashore then took a whole day. For four years, working on the third yellow white class section to the fourth class the KNVB. After several seasons of PhD? they took the other class-interspersed with downgrade to play the islanders in 2012 in the third class. In the field of yellow white has many professional Club is preparing for the new season. FC Groningen and SC Heerenveen are regular guests.

Sports sites

Amelandia originally played on a field at Oranjeweg against the edge of the forest, the Association has now two fields at the sports arena on Oranjeweg Garland. Yellow white used to play on a field at Kooiweg on cage. The stable of farmer Piet Kooiker served as a dressing room. In 1953 yellow white moved to its present location: the fields are, Nes and Buren. The Club has a master plan with two training fields and there are rooms with dressing room and dining room. In 1992, also built a booth, which was named wadkant.

Francisco and Rudolf Metz

Two players from yellow white has a professional football career. Qualities of Francisco and his brother Rudolf Metz did not go unnoticed by Scouts. In 1977 they came every few months contact Cambuur.The breakthrough came when the two went to SC Veendam. It gave birth to Rudolf sensation by making their operation. In 1982, he scored within eight seconds, which for years was listed as the fastest goal. In 2011, a Russian made even faster, because 2.68 after the start signal. Metz played for SC Heracles, SC Heerenveen and Emmen. In this Drenthe Club also took shelter. He did Emmen in the transition from the amateurs to join the pros. Damage the midfielder had a major career in the road. He quit in 1986. Francisco returned to Ameland and played on yellow white from 1989 to 1999. After the Championship years, he became the coach of the first team.

Ameland Cup

Since 1972, the first two teams in football once a year against each other in a real derby of Ameland cup.
Yellow White is in this fight, repeatedly proved the better side. It was 1991 when Amelandia finally won the Cup.
In 2015, won the yellow white 10-1 and 0-6. The races were at the beginning of the 2015 season – played in 2016.