Fringe Trend in Accessories!

The fashion trends for 2014-2015 already appear. And, are astonishing.

How about a cowboy-inspired, boho which communicates with the urban? You can!

It’s a style that comes and goes. Every time we see something like this out there. Get ready because the fringes are back!

The New York fashion week, Milan showed this fashion movement.

Fringes are so emblematic. Who does not remember the garments of Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix?

Accessory with fringe goes unnoticed by anyone. Handbags, sandals, shoes … And, of course, makes the look more cheerful and stripped!

The Gatsby to the hippie style. The readings are made by designers and everything has a urban/modern brand. Realize that something refers to the past, but without being there at that time. Fringes are present and adorn the look of a very particular way. You can opt for a brown suede piece refers to vintage. Or perhaps a modern colorful shredded?

Is an excellent way to add texture to clothing, only using accessory. The bangs can take different forms, according to the material and with the product part. And colors? Discrete or bright colors, cheerful. What do you like more?

At the same time, this type of accessory brings something in the naturalist style, a freshness and a vibration to the appearance.

A purse with fringe combines incredibly well with jeans. Give an up in the basics, keeping the casual! And works well with long skirts, creating the basic boho chic style.

The most important is that you use what he loves every trend. The best fashion is the one that suits you. So, before you go buying because you see something very often in magazines, on websites, in the street, evaluate if it is something that has your “guy”.

What do you think of accessories with bangs? Intend to use? Comment!