Football without the Ball

In modern times, there are a lot of toys are equipped with a battery or plug. Or do we believe that in order to play in a game is always required expensive equipment. But it is not always the case, sometimes you can play an exciting game with very simple means. What you need? Sometimes a few stones are sufficient to play “football with stones.”


People love to play games, they look like some competition and even play fun. Children play reality. They practice skills they need in their adult lives, but they are usually not quite aware of the sometimes-changing society and recognize you in a game already difficult to find the necessary skills were trained. It’s okay, can a game be fun, or a way to measure each other’s skills. And that also applies to football without the ball, scoring stone, or whatever name you want to give to this game. Some mathematical insight, understanding geometry and the effects of moving objects that may be useful.
The playing field


You have very little need for this game. With a few rocks and slippery floors, you already have the largest in the House. Or at home, you can play the game better play out on the playground, sidewalk or patio. With sidewalk chalk, you can turn off a playing field in the shape of a football field, but of course much smaller. A metre long, half a meter wide is a good size?? but may be larger or smaller.Draw a circle with a center line, and at the head of the short side sign your goals. To score is not too small or too large, such as 20 centimeters.
Game board with three stones inside the center circle you put three rocks. That’s all you need.

The aim of the game

The idea is that you create as many targets within the agreed time. And you make a goal by playing a stone into the goal. It sounds easier than it is.
The token must be between the other two played by

Game rules

  • The player whose turn it is playing one of the pebbles. Agree or you can do it by hand or foot. The stone should always be between two other stones by and shall never be played directly into the target.It doesn’t matter what stone you play as long as it continues between the other two. In practice, share you so regularly plays stone.
  • The stone is played according to the rule, then the player can play again, and can play stones towards the finish in this way, and hopefully score goals. After killing the stones go back to the center circle and the other player’s turn.
  • Is a rock which is not played in between the other two, then turn around and even the other player’s turn.
  • If the stone is going out of bounds, then stone?? by??, just like a regular football game. The turn then passes to the other player. It plays from the sidelines, at the place where the stone?? by?? -went ahead with this stone.
  • At the beginning of the game, or when returning after a goal must not be done at once.
  • After the restart, when the stone was gone, should not be scored again.


To play with a effectHet, of course, is smart to play the stones so that the stones should be good to go after. You play your opponent or too quiet, the stones can be placed on one line. This is so awkward that you can never get through the token between the other two. By putting your foot on the Board, you can play rock through which plays foot. You move your token as against your foot, then the stone because there are good traction between the other two stones. So you play with any sort of effect. This deliberate foot that obviously are not going to move. Possibly, you agree that you use a small ruler in place of a foot, you make good and motionless must keep.


If the weather is against you, you can of course also play this game indoors. To protect the floor or table you can use better than no choice. Diced then do good, but also paper cups are very useful. For the safety of the things inside his paper pellets or balls of wool or something to recommend even!