Flyboarden Water Nederland

Water sports have a new baby, a new fad that gently rising in the Netherlands: Flyboarden. It is a spectacular water sports where the athlete thinks Superman. The flyboarder is especially visible at events where he surprised the audience with a show on water jets, high in the air or diving as a dolphin.


Flyboarden: you have special shoes that are needed on a Board, to a few water cannons and a jet ski guide you.With flyboarden you fly like Superman across the water by two water push you upwards. Within seconds, floats up over the water. Superman can appear like a dolphin and spinning like a tornado with associated shift. The athlete can take up to ten meters from water power from the water is lifted. It is a spectacular sport but also an expensive sport.


Fly like a superhero or swim like a dolphin, so get the flyboarden touted as the ultimate experience.Demo Team travels the Dutch water down to give demonstrations. Particularly in the western part of the Netherlands, the demonstration team active during the summer of 2013. Who wants to try it out for yourself, book a RIDERS Experience.
Photo Zapata Flyboards

Zapata Flyboards

Some Groningen friends?? Head Office is located in Leek-put company Zapata Flyboardsop. Remco Weistra, Arnoud stubble and Steven Goos has since been busy with that. They sell the attributes needed to flyboarden, excluding jet then, because there are also needed. A kit coming at 5500 euros and because the sport is not to mention cheap. For 65 euros, you can try it for twenty minutes and you come with a group of ten or more, € 5 per person from there.


In addition to selling the RIDERS Experience offers RIDERS RIDERS Zapata. Anyone who has ever geskydived and gebungyjumpt can now be fired from RIDERS. Within a few minutes you have mastered the art and you can experience the thrill of flying over water, Zapata Flyboards website promises.
Who stick it out with a group of more than ten people would try to do one day. That alone or together with a small group, can be paired with one of the date in the calendar for your company.
Dive like a dolphin-Photo Zapata Flyboards


Flyboarden is so new that there are no rules have yet been prepared in August 2013. It is nowhere prohibited. Although the demoteam any superman games in natural areas and water features where even whisper boats are not allowed.
In the summer of 2013, they are mainly active in the Vinkeveen Lakes, Leidschendammerhout, Gelderland and Valburg Iceland Maurik near Utrecht.


It’s the beam that forms the driving force. The RIDERS do not create momentum. Flyboarden looks spectacular, graceful, that from a movie and if it happens silently interfering with any variety. The waiting time is now drawing up rules as Rijkswaterstaat to avoid excesses and inconvenience. The rules are clear 2014 until Superman flying freely over the water.