Flow Free, an Addictive Puzzle Game

I’m not very fan of puzzle games, and therefore normally test them awhile and uninstall them running. But this time with Flow Free that has not happened. The game is very well thought out and is quite addictive. Let’s see of what.

In the game we have a grid that can be of different sizes (from 5 × 5 to 9 × 9 to 14 × 14 If you have a tablet). In these boxes there are balls of colour and you must join the pairs of the same color. Unions may not be crossed and it is necessary to fill in all the boxes, i.e., cannot be holes on the Board.

There is always the perfect move, which is to make the Board with a single stroke for each pair of balls. If you fail you can move these joints (pipes) until you can pass the level.

At first it seems pretty easy, 5 × 5 are to familiarise yourself with the mechanics, but already in 7 × 7 and 8 × 8 we started to see him grace to the topic. The challenges seem sometimes impossible, There are always locked balls, but there is always a solution. And that is what makes it addictive.

There is also the game mode for time, where you choose the size of the Board and a time, and you have to beat the record of how many puzzles are able to solve in this time. An interesting alternative, although I prefer infinite time and find the perfect solution.

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Flow Free Version 1.6

  • Version of Android: Since 2.2
  • Developer: Big Duck Games
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: free
  • Category: Brain & puzzle

It connects the colors with a pipe to create a channel.