5 Reasons To Choose an Android Tablet

Most of us already know what Android is and what its benefits can be compared to its nearest competitor, iOS. We assume that everyone who buys a new tablet (or smartphone) by all the advantages of each of US, but unfortunately it is not the case. We’ll try to explain what the main benefits of each operating system is. In this article we will focus on Google’s Android, and in the meantime, we have already put an article out with five reasons to choose an iPad.

Choose an Android Tablet

1. Google services

E-selection menu calendar are two of the most important parts of nearly all digital devices and many of us have our data in Google Calendar and have a G-mail address. Gmail also has options for when to run with all the advantages of the popular cloud email service. A personal domain via Android service has simply the best integration with Google services.

Other popular Google services include YouTube, Google Maps and Google still Drive. The new Google service, Google Now, is growing rapidly and becoming more and more popular. This digital Google butler is in our opinion one of the most interesting developments within the last year and has so far only available on Android.

2. App

Apps makes use of a smartphone or tablet more interesting. IOS and Android are the two most popular operating systems and have made sure that most of the developers first delivers its apps on one (or both) of the two platforms.

In General, we can say that iOS still has the lead in terms of app variety, but the difference is probably reduced the last few years, because not all users are ready to pay for apps, while on the other hand, it is a wealth of free apps for Android.

It is also an additional alternative when it comes to apps on Android. If Google chooses not to put an app in the Store for Android, so there’s always mulighet for installing this program outside Play Big. Of course, there is always risk in it, but you do not need to know what you can and cannot install on your tablet.

3. Android is more “open”

“Open” is a difficult and often abused concept when it comes to discussions about mobile operating systems.

Android is mer open when it comes to the changes you can make to the system as user. If you want a different keyboard on the screen, then there is nothing in that prevents you from changing the Android the Android is also more open when it holds good access to apps in the system, for example, one of the most popular features on Android is the possibility of multi-tasking.

4. Widgets

Android distinguishes itself from its competitors by having different widgets on the home screen. Users can quickly and without opening apps place important and less important information directly on the home screen with widgets. It is one of the things that we like to call – the possibility of personalization.

5. Hardware and price

Although Google has some prerequisites that producers can begin a cooperation and thereby access to all Google-tjenesteene as mentioned above, and of course, Google Play Great, they do not seem to be very difficult to comply with, and therefore there are many devices with Android.

There are so many different devices on the market and a manufacturer like Samsung offers a large variety of different tablet models. And of course, there are a number of other large and small manufacturers, which publishes tablets and smartphones in all shapes and sizes, with prices that can be affordable for any budget.