Finally Free – Merrell Launches New Collection of Barefoot – Part I

Merrell has brought in cooperation with Vibram® in the summer of 2011 the new barefoot collection on the German market. Also McTREK has introduced a part of this collection to its customers. The minimalist and lightweight shoes offer outdoor enthusiasts at every opportunity and with a natural barefoot feel optimally to the respective terrain to adapt.

The Merrell barefoot collection conveys a completely new running and feeling, which is similar to the Barefoot walking behavior and at the same time offers an optimal support and management function of the foot. “With the new Merrell barefoot collection we have put a shoe on the market, which in all leisure activities and on any surface absolute foot and freedom of movement guarantees and takes the body back to our natural and healthy walking motion”, says Hendrik Ermer, Merrell Germany.

A low Vibram® sole low profile allows a close contact to the ground, allowing a rapid adaptability to the underground. Between heel and toe, no difference, just like the natural barefoot running is in the outer sole. The tight-fitting wraps the foot like a glove, this makes the Merrell Omni-fitTM Lacing system for a secure grip. A damping in addition helps midfoot landing in the toe area.

The areas of application are as varied as the action itself: no matter whether trail running, hiking, slacklining, Freiluftyoga – Outdoorliebhaber can in the models of the Barefoot collection optimally adapted to surface and movement requirements naturally and healthy move. And also for everyday outdoor in a stylish casual look is a healthy foot Companion.

Foot stimulated by the shoe and leg muscles is also the core muscles strengthened and promoted the balance and agility. Special highlight for calorie-conscious: through the intensified stresses of many muscle groups, the body can burn more calories.

Barefoot running but also wants to be learned: because the body has now adapted to the currently prevailing strong foot supporting shoe models and needed some time to get back to the natural active walking behavior. Just for runners – whether trail or Road Runner – stimulates the new barefoot footwear natural midfoot landing and takes the body away from the heel landing is stressful on joints and ligaments.

Please note: In the second part we give optimal training of the foot in this new running experience running tips.

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