Fat Ninja Adventure, a Spanish Game Seeking Finance for Crowdfunding

The crowdfunding It has become our daily bread because it is one of the few methods that developers make sure that if you leave a project forward will be entirely yours and fans. This makes all try to take your idea forward, as in the case of Red Candle Studios, ranging to try their luck to finance his game Fat Ninja Adventure

It is not an adventure with a great hero, as the ninja Shuruyito It’s a simple boy who wants to live an adventure facing the clan of lizards. A simple arcade game with enough sense of humor. The game is planned for iOS, but if you get to 11,500 dollars of investment (9000 euros) the game would come to Android. As this is a crowdfunding, let’s go for the rewards for investing

  • For $5: Game and virtual postcard of appreciation
  • For $15: The previous rewards, wallpaper and public appreciation in the website, blog and social networks
  • For $25: The previous rewards, digital soundtrack and appear in the credits
  • For $50: The previous rewards, theme for the phone and access to the beta of the game
  • For $100: The previous rewards, t-shirt, poster and the game rice bowl
  • For $250: The previous rewards, appear in a level of the game either alone or with your friends and the game artbook
  • For $500: The previous rewards, choose the design from an enemy, photos of the development and Making of the game
  • For 1000 dollars: Your name or the logo of your company as a principal investor of the project

Crowdfunding Fat Ninja Adventure from Red Candle Studio on Vimeo.

The rewards are varied, and I emphasize that of the rice bowl. At the time of writing the project $705 8500 minimums to get ahead and the 11,500 in Android, and running 35 days they will be a little complicated, but not lost anything by testing.