Fashion Chic Dresses Long and Short Models

Women are always looking for chic dresses that really will make them even more beautiful and attractive for special occasions like wedding parties, graduations, anniversaries and other events that demand a lot of luxury and sophistication.

Fashion Chic Dresses Long and Short Models

And a dress to be chic does not need many details, and often a basic dress can make any woman chic for different situations.

The great secret for you to really look chic is to wear a dress that matches your style, your way of being, with your taste, because it will feel more natural and will, and that will enhance your curves, your look .

And for fashion 2018 you can already see chic dresses at that bring simple cuts like V-neck, marked waist and skirts slightly opening up the bar, in long lengths and neutral colors like beige, cream and other neutral tones.

The texture of the fabrics says a lot too, and the modern fabrics are crafted that add a distinctive touch to the pieces.

Picture 2 – The models in crochet with long sleeve and short skirt adjusted to the body, like this one that the young woman is wearing, this very beautiful and in the height of the fashion, the color is wonderful, the details in the cuffs of the sleeves and in the barrado of the dress forming a small ruffle or bell mouth gave a very elegant charm to the dress that for fresher days is perfect.

Picture 3 – This model is more delicate and suitable for more formal events, in fabric of taffeta with lining, model will take that falls, adjusted to the body and with small ruffles in the barrado to give an additional charm.

Picture 4 – In this the young one is using a simpler model in neoprene fabric that gives an optimum effect to the model, short with round skirt and details leaked very sensual in the neckline and the part of the waist, the print in the part of the top of the dress remained perfect and matched very well with the skin color of the young lady.

Picture 5 – For the cooler days of our winter nothing like this model made of wool yarn, beautiful with abstract pattern in white and black colors, model adjusted to the body, with high collar and long sleeve, perfect for wearing with heels or even a beautiful high-top boot.

And for those who enjoy a nightclub or an electronic party, this model is well suited in fine mesh fabric, a short fit to the body with beautiful details made with metal rates on the bar at the wrists and at the part of the bust .

Picture 6 – And what about this one in very delicate lace and very sensual, simpler model, rotated with vents with details leaked to give an extra charm, perfect for occasions that are not so formal.

Picture 7 – This look is perfect for the most intense days in the cold of winter, the blue jean fabric overcoat gave a cool touch to the look, but the dress with stripes in different shades washed out, just like the shoe in color nude and handbag, all matching.

Picture 8 – White is a very delicate color and we must be very careful when making a dress, always opt for a thicker fabric or lining, here the young woman chose to make a shorter model fit in the part of the sai and in the bust more loose could use a crib to give a differential in the look, as well as accessories, handbag and sandal all in color matching with the cintinho.

Picture 10 – Long models always very elegant, even simple they give an elegance to cause envy wherever it happens.

Picture 12 – And for your day to day this model is very nice, in the mesh with elastane, with stripes, short model adjusted to the body with short sleeves and on the feet the famous white sneakers of short pipe that by the way has been used a lot.

Picture 13 – Our this model is very charming, model shirt made in the long one with opening in the front leaving the legs in evidence to give a sensuality more in the look, more slip for wearing with belt and in the feet a beautiful sandal in the red color with moorings on the leg to further enhance your look.

Picture 15 – And for moments or more formal occasions, this model is to cause envy, the detail made with lace on the part of the collar of the dress gave much charm and elegance, as well as the belt band in very wide leather that further refined its beautiful silhouette, the opening in the front leaving his leg in evidence gave a touch delicate and very sensual.

Picture 17 – Models in jeans simpler, are very good to use in the day to day, work or even in simpler occasions, their models as always very delicate and comfortable, perfect for the day to day of the ladybug.

Image 19 – Ja The models with a mermaid tail tail, made with more delicate fabrics like silk crepe, voil, or even in cold knit, are perfect for festive occasions, invest in a leather belt and abuse a good jump and you will certainly be very presentable.

Picture 20 – Here the seams made as if it were on the wrong side was very cool, in this model of dress in sweater sweater, that with the boot over the knee and hat with flaps, the look was a show, perfect for winter.

Picture 22 – And speaking of simplicity this model is very delicate and very simple, short not so fair on the body neckline aredondado and with delicate ruffles on the sleeves, perfect for simpler situations.

Picture 24 – And for moments of gala, the models that the singer Claudia Leite is using, this to take the breath of the womanada, beautiful and very delicate, made in lace worked, one with high collar and necklines very sensual and the other it will not take that fall, both with tail and very luxurious models.

Picture 27 – The mix of black and white in dresses, they have a very nice effect, especially on the short and round models, like the ones the girls are using in the image below.

Picture 29 – And for evangelical women or business women who always enjoy walking with elegance, models with knee length or midi, are the most indicated, and for this we have some very charming models here, I hope it helps in your choice.

Picture 31 – This model is a grace;in royal blue neoprene fabric, hollowed sleeves, round neckline and round pleated skirt, short, perfect for parties and nightly ballads.

Picture 32 – Short models with ethnic prints or geometric designs, are very beautiful and can be used at any time of the day or night.

Long models with details such as the trend of the pepluns around the waist and give a special touch to the look even on round skirts, square necklines and cuffs, the always feminine will make you fall, many frills, pleats, and more.

The mixture of dark shades like navy blue with white or even whole pieces in navy blue, the stripes that arranged in asymmetrical positions create a gorgeous and super modern effect on the dresses.Lace, bias, and more is for 2018.