Sweet Or Sour: 8 Eerie Skull Watches

Watches with scary factor, suitable for Halloween!

Dark and wild, risk-taking and dangerous: The new watches do not shy away from anything. The stuff made from the Hollywood myths, is now also the stuff to be made from the clocks. No matter whether werewolves, reptiles, Batman or eerie skulls: what is currently happening on the few centimetres of a dial, on bezels and bracelets, lets us drift into mythical worlds.

However, there are no sunny and glittering worlds in which the clocks are put in us, but rather dark abysses. Wild pretime animals and mythical creatures take shape in martial designs. Skulls remind us that our earthly existence is finite. In time for Halloween, you can immerse yourself in the underwater. But beware: there is no return.

Eerie Skull Watch #1:

BR01 burning Skull-Bell & Ross

You’re supposed to burn! Flickering ornaments in tattoo products adorn the BR01 burning skull by Bell & Ross. After engraving, the ornaments are filled and burned with black ink varnish. Stainless steel, 46 mm, ETA 2814, 500 pieces, 6,900 euro.

Eerie Skull Watch #2:

Hublot – Big Bang Broderie sugar skull

Eerily beautiful: The Big Bang Broderie sugar skull by Hublot combines precious stones and colored embroidered skulls with a carbon dial. Ceramic, 41 mm, Sellita SW 300, Automatic, 200 pieces, 15,500 euro.

Eerie Skull Watch #3:

Romain Jerôme–Skylab 48 speed metal Skull

Skeleton meets skull in space. The special thing about the-Skylab watches by Romain Jerôme is that in every moon, fragments of the Apollo 11 spacecraft or fibers of a space suit are processed. Stainless steel, 48 mm, manufacture caliber RJ004-m, manual lift, 9 pieces per color, 20,950 euro.

Eerie Skull Watch #4:

Bomberg–the Steel nails

At Bomberg, the skull is emblazoned in the middle of a nailed bezel, the grey bracelet is studded with rivets. Stainless steel, 45 mm, Sellita SW200, Automatic, 2,990 euro.

Eerie Skull Watch #5:

Perrelet – Turbine Toxic

Under the slow, sometimes faster spinning rotor operated titanium wheel of the turbine toxic by Perrelet sparkles a diamond skull. Stainless steel, 41 mm, Manufactory caliber P-331, automatic.

Eerie Skull Watch #6:

Speake-Marin–Skull face to face tourbillon

The grinning skull at the skull face to face tourbillon by Speake-Marin, engraved in gold with a kind of etching technique, reminds us that our days are numbered. Red gold, diamonds, 42 mm, manufactory caliber SM3 tourbillon, Automatic, 8 pieces, 170,000 euro.

Eerie Skull Watch #7:

HYT-Skull Maori

Skull Art meets tribal tattoos of New Zealand Maori. At the skull Maori of HYT, a red liquid indicates the time. The right eye of the skull darkens when the gear reserve decreases, in the left spins a second disc. Pink gold and titanium DLC-coated, 51 mm, HYT-manufactory caliber, hand lift, 15 pieces, 115,000 euro.

Eerie Skull Watch #8:

Fiona Kruger-Petit Skull

The designer Fiona Kruger stands for her fashion skull-shaped watches. The Petit skull is by hand guilloche; Through the eyes and nose the parts of the skeletal automatic work are visible. Stainless steel, 48 x 34.5 mm, automatic movement, 18 pieces, approx. 14,300 euro.

Even more sinister-eerie clocks:

Richard Mille–Tourbillon rm 26-02 Evil Eye

Against evil Omens: Richard Mille creates a dangerously flaming hand-wound tourbillon with the tourbillon rm 26-02 Evil Eye, whose email-created Horus protects you from evil eyes. Ceramic, 48 x 40 mm, manufacture caliber RM26-02, hand lift, 594,000 euro.

Arty-son of a Gun Werewolf & Dragon

Heavy metal, fantasy, thriller: This unique piece of artya leaves no (ALB) dream unfulfilled. The Wolf-headed silver dragon of the son of a gun Werewolf & Dragon winds his body around the wrist, the dial is applied to bullets. And the time runs automatically. Stainless steel, 47 mm, automatic movement, 14,900 euro

Romain Jerôme–Batman DNA

Black hovers Batman through the night–and through the watch-making. But when it comes to the wearer of the Batman clock by Romain Jerôme, the bat man shows what he can, and glows in strong blue at night. Stainless steel, 46 mm, Valjoux 7750, 75 piece, 17,950 euro.

Urwerk-ur-105 T-Rex

Under the bronze tank of the long-extinct T-rex, the hour moves from right to left over a minute scale. Between manual lift and automatic, you can choose a lever from the ur-105 T-Rex from Urwerk. Bronze, 39.5 x 53 mm, manufactory caliber ur 5.02, 22 pieces, 65,000 euro.

Once upon a time

The skull has been in business for centuries. As a Vanitas motif, the skull adorned the works of the Old Masters, he was the hallmark of pirate flags and for many years has led an international rocker life to the jeans vests of the bikers. The skull motif is a warning signal: “Don’t forget that you have to die!”, according to the Memento Mori, which he symbolizes on old paintings – as a warning, not to hang his heart at the transitory earthly goods. On pirate flags and biker vests, he warns of the dangers of those who show him. That the dead skull is the official pictogram with which toxic substances are labelled, fits into the picture.

Skull watches were already fashionable: in the 17th century, the skull had not only boomed as a Vanitas motif in Baroque painting, but also let the time flow into enclosures reminiscent of the transience of all terrestrials. The Totenkopfuhr of the 17th century was carried by a chain. When the jaw was folded down, the dial appeared. One of these historical clocks became particularly famous and is still known as the Mary, Queen of Scots Watch. Legends either say that the Scottish Queen wore the piece herself, or that she gave it to her maid. Research, on the other hand, has found something different: Mary, Queen of Scots–usually called Mary Stuart–had no skull watch; The watch, which bears its name, has only been created for well over a hundred years after its death. This death, however, occurred in a not everyday way: Mary was beheaded on behalf of her half-sister Elizabeth I. Perhaps therefore the subsequent connection between your person and the Totenkopfuhr?

Design element with symbolic effect

The skull design for watches definitely does not stand for “attention, hands away”. And that, as a design feature of timepieces, it really wants to warn against the displacement of time, one may not believe so correctly when one considers the hedonistic glamour of the current skull watches. It looked different in the 17th century, when the baroque attitude led to a preference for pendant watches in skull form.

However, the skull has been around for quite a while as a fashion icon, was a favorite motif of the great fashion maker Alexander McQueen, is an indispensable element of the Gothic style, adorns mainstream accessories for girls who want to work a bit wild, And can be found in individual cases even on children’s dresses.

And also, if he has now established himself with unprecedented power as a superstar of a trendy, cool watch design, the world of jewellery and watches was by no means alien to him before. The darkest chapter in the design history of the skull was written in the Nazi era when the skull ring was a sign of honor for SS members. Surprisingly, this fact has not damaged its integrity for all times. Presumably the symbolic effect of the skull bones is too strong and too universal to become taboo by this abuse.

After all, the skull exists at some distance from our cultural circle even as a motive. At the Mexican Día de los Muertos, the deceased is thought of as a skull with colourful sugar stuff. For the spirituality of the Mexicans this holiday is very important, it was even appointed to the intangible UNESCO World Heritage. Some of the current skull watches also explicitly refer to this festival, which does not seem strange to the world regions far away from Mexico, but rather exotic-attractive. Because thanks to an internet-globalizing world of photography, the Día de los Muertos has reached international fame with its colourful, cheerful-morbid aesthetics. One should not forget the literary-historical skull moments at our doorstep: Hamlet in the graveyard, Goethe of the Night in the hollow eye with Schiller’s supposed skull, which inspired him to a poem: it does not necessarily have to be Mexico; Also in Elsinore and Weimar is the skull and crossbones cultural heritage.

The trend towards the skull: the Skull Watch

It is possible that the watch design is instantaneously in the exact phase in which a symbol like the skull may be needed. We’ve all seen conventional splendor. She still tears to admiration and desire, but when a little shock is associated with the splendor, this naturally arouses more attention. For a while, smaller shock moments were achieved through the unconventional connection of very precious materials with very worthless material. But the subject is through, in this respect we are now hardened. It might make for more adrenaline if you put your money on a gem with a spooky motif. Not just any motive, but with a symbol that has everything: spiritual depth and cultural significance, under-spirit charm, an exciting dangerousness that is somehow sexy, and fashion appeal. One who used the skull like the watch designer, is Damien Hirst. The English artist, who used to stand for Cool Britannia and is now the epitome of the Artworld Millionaire, has 2007 a platinum skull under the title “For the Love of God” all filled with diamonds and thus created the ultimate artistic talking piece: a piece, That smells like subversion, but in a highly glamorous, mainstream way.

The skull watch keeps its symbolism beyond the trend

The mainstream, which Damien Hirst skull captivates, is naturally pure Betrachterpublikum. The skull watches simply do not speak a mainstream, because the potential buyer is limited for financial reasons. And among those who can afford it, many would rather not be able to display the time from the skulls. Say: The very creatively designed skull clocks of the hour turn to a special group of people who have sense of their symbolism, fun at fashionable-morbid appeal and some capital. This combination of conditions seems to be in the air. And when the trend is over, the skull retains its validity as an ancient symbol of humanity.

Continuously updated article, first posted online in October 2015.

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