Overlay Models of Knitting: Winter Fashion

Tips For Using Overlap With Knitting

Knit parts are indispensable for the cold season. In the fall/winter this year brings fashion to several trends tricôs models for use in everyday life, with lots of charm.Not only are the common parts, such as long sleeve blouses, but also arise novelties, like the vests. Another bet are overlays, see how to use them with the knitting:

Overlap knitting knitting may not be a good idea, because the look can win an unnecessary volume, causing us to look more plump, so the trick is to use the overlay with a piece of knitting mixed with heavier coats and accessories. Let’s think about the layers of overlapping:

First: a lightweight blouse or shirt, as you prefer;

Second: the vest or sweater knitting;

Third: a scarf with pattern or plain, open your favorite form of or tied;

Room: a coat on top, which can be a wool blazer, a leather jacket, a short trench coat, a denim military parka from clothesbliss.com, anyway, whatever you think is best.

Extra tip: bet on metallic knit, which is one of the strongest trends for the autumn/winter of 2013. In addition, if you want, you can exchange for a maxi scarf necklace of metal plates or with pedrarias. This Exchange is very valuable when you want to wear a shirt underneath the sweater (the shirt looks best with the sweater), leaving the collar on top of the collar of the sweater. The denim shirt is a great option to modernize the look, especially when combined with a leather jacket.

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