Nails Marmorized Video: Step by Step

You know that beautiful nail that looks like a brush? It seems very difficult to leave your so, but it is not!

So are the Marmorized Nails, technique made in the water and that has a wonderful effect. She has won more and more fans in Brazil. But how to leave your so ??? Check step by step:


A vasilla with water, colored glazes, duct tape and a manicure stick.

Step by step:

Step 1: Your nails should be dry and enamel free to receive the paint;

Step 2: Take the canister and drip drops from the nail polish you chose via The amount of colors you choose but you need at least two. Ping one color after another interleaved;

Step 3: After forming several circles in the water it is time to draw on it with the toothpick. Make the drawing you want;

Step 4: Once you have formed the drawing cover your finger with the adhesive tape leaving only the nail uncovered;

Step 5: Place your nail into the water at a 45 ° angle;

Step 6: After a few seconds pass the toothpick in the water around your finger to remove excess enamel;

Step 7: Only then remove your finger and remove the adhesive tape;

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