Makeup Spring: How to Make a Make Up Colorful

There is no season more colorful than the Spring. The flowers, the blue sky, the climate of love in the air … it all makes her the favorite season of many people! Who also altra with the arrival of spring is us, our clothing, hair, makeup….

The flowers make a “make up” much more colorful and full of life.Encouraged by the fever of “Color Blocking” all over the world, this season promises to be even more joyful when the subject is. Worth investing in eye shadows, mascara and lipsticks of different shades makeup via

The big problem of all these colors is how to combine them. The first thing to do is take care of the skin, leaving it clean for the base application and finally the Compact. That there is no secret, just do what every woman is born knowing: hide the imperfections and stay beautiful!

Passing to the eyes it’s time to apply the shadow. To get colorful choose two bright colors like Green and pink or Blue and yellow. At the outer corner of the eyes you apply the lighter color and on the inside corner, the darker. After all the mobile eyelid is covered is time to fume and pass a corsinha on the lower of the eyes, nothing too over the top.

To highlight the lashes extra volume mask use and if you want to pass an eyebrow pencil, but be careful not to let your eyes too loaded. So your eyes are ready, time to take care of your mouth.

To keep things super spring, choose a tone of course in his mouth, but no gloss. Color lipsticks Orange, bubble gum pink and yellow to give an effect much more amazing. So, vivid colors and your station will be much happier!

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