How to Use: Basic White T-Shirt

It may seem silly to have a how to wear especially for a white T-shirt, but, oh, this post has a purpose, see? We get so caught up in fashion trends and what “everyone” is wearing that we just forget about those pieces that are wild and essential in our wardrobe.With this post, we want to rescue these versatile items that deserve a special place in our day to day looks.

White T-shirts are timeless classics and, as incredible as it sounds, not a very common part in our wardrobes. We ended up investing our rich buck in clothes of the latest fashions and we ended up forgetting just how important it is to have one (or two) of these shirts. They go from day to night and from informal looks to work looks; combine with jeans, tailoring, glitter, sweater … Who will dictate the tone of the composition are the accessories chosen to accompany it.

Also, they may be the solution to that part of the bottom you bought and do not know what to use! And because they are not so striking, then you can use it more often without appearing to be “repeating” (afff, people only charge this for women, right?). Therefore, if you play mercilessly on this blank canvas that is the T-shirt and prepares to invent a thousand and one looks with it via

Where to buy:If you want other alternatives to fast-fashion stores that we know, it is worth knowing Basico, MyBasic and Lemon Basics online stores.

Basic T-Shirt White

Basic T-Shirt with Short

3. Basic White T-Shirt with Bib

4. Basic white t-shirt with pants

5. Basic white tank top with jeans

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