How to Make Feminine Bow Tie

How To Make Bow Tie-Step By Step.

The bow tie at elishui, it was a male, only now is gaining also the female looks. Want to bet? See how to make a custom tie your home:

Check Out The Walkthrough:

Step 1-first, let’s make the turn. Take the piece of tissue with extent of 50×8 cm and fold in half, with the side upside down;

Step 2–sew three of the edges, leaving one end open for turning;

Step 3–turn the seam, leaving the right side of the apparent tissue;

Step 4-now fold the short edges to the Center and make a zig-zag stitch;

Step 5–fold the bow in half, leaving a space of about 3 cm, sew the tips;

Step 6–to make the arc center, take the piece of cloth with 8×10 cm and fold it in half, with the wrong side out. So, putting down the edges, leaving one end open again to turn;

Step 7–to make the collar, take the tissue with 50 × 8 cm and fold in half, with the outside facing out. Sew the length and at the end, keeping a space near the edge;

Step 8–now turn the collar, using a long, narrow object to assist. A knitting needle or the cable of a spoon can serve;

Step 9–sew the ends and attach the Velcro bands, so that a close on the other;

Step 10–now let’s position the bow on the collar. Mark the center of the collar and place the bow. Sew the ends behind.

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