How to Make a Professional Makeup without Leaving Home

If you also drool in the look of celebrities or actresses in soap operas, but you never get the time to put on makeup, your problems are over! We have separated for you some tips for you to make a professional Make up without having to go to the salon. Professional makeup at home.


Before washing, it is advisable to wash the face with ice water. The low temperature helps in retaining the makeup or cosmetics, in addition to closing the pores, which improves the look.


To facilitate the process, we recommend a sponge. Around the eyes, the best is the liquid foundation, the powder is for the rest of the face. The color should be as close as possible to the tone of your face.


A good trick is to pull your eyes like an Oriental. This provides more firmness in the trace. For a devastating effect, use the white, silver or pearl colored pencil at the end of the eye, near the nose.


In the upper part of the eyes, close to the nose, light tones are used, and in the outer region, dark tones, in order to form a kind of gradient. Color should match clothing, and you should always avoid overdoing it.


The color can be chosen according to the clothing or the color of the skin. During the day light-skinned women should wear light shades, dark-skinned women should wear dark shades. At night, any tone.

The thickness of the lip should also be taken into account. Women with thin lips should define the lip contour with a pencil to mouth, which gives the impression of larger lips. Those who have fleshy lips should not make the contour and should be careful not to overdo the lipstick, making the look loaded, too heavy.

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