Geek Decor: 4 Tips for Using through out the House

The geek decor is aimed at modern people, who seek a custom home and relaxed.Simply, we can say that the geek world is one that covers the comics, movies, cartoons and other cult elements.

Take this universe in the House is to make sure of a home creative, young and cheerful.If you are in love with this kind of decoration, this post was made for you! We list 4 amazing tips. Let’s see?

1. Get Inspired In Pop Culture

Geek culture is a kind of amalgamation of pop culture and entertainment. In this universe, major film productions, such as Star Wars, Harry Potter and the stars are valued. In addition, comics, anime, games and technology in general are quite present.

Currently, this universe has never been so high. Some movies and TV shows—such as the classic The Big Bang Theory—helped expand the culture around the world.Today, there is no shortage are geeks (also called nerds) on the market.

To compose this décor style, therefore, it is necessary to aspire to in pop culture and entertainment. The choice of objects will vary according to the personality and tastes of each person.

A fan of the Harry Potter saga, for example, can buy a broom similar to that used in the film for the decoration. A picture with Darth Vader is ideal for a Star Wars fan.

2. Bet On The Classic LEGO

The Legos are excellent decoration Allied geek. With them, you have numerous possibilities to decorate the whole House. Is it possible to make a lamp for the bedroom, a key to the room or a table in the kitchen.

On the Internet there are many inspirations for you! In addition to a super creative air to the environment, the idea is cheap and easy to make. In most cases, it takes a lot of patience to play with play, here are some inspirations:

3. Bet On Decorative Plates To Compose The Geek Decor

The decorative plates are one of the biggest allies of the decoration via eningbo. Versatile, they are able to change the look of any room.

The cool thing is you buy several different models (preferably colored) and put them in a single wall. At this point, is not symmetrical: install the objects in various irregular points to obtain a further trendy effect.

Currently, there are plates of games, animes, movies, series, TV shows, technology, among other possibilities. Choose the one that matches your style and decorate rooms, living rooms and kitchens. Here are some models:

4. invest in cheerful colors and fun

Whenever possible, it is also interesting to opt for colorful furniture and objects. Invest in warm tones and cheerful, like yellow, red and orange.

In addition, how about purchasing furniture that resemble some icons geeks? You can install niches with the old format games on the wall or even compose your couch with numerous colorful cushions that follow the same style.

The most important thing is to let the imagination flow and create a custom corner and fun!

If you liked our tips, but it’s with little money to invest in expensive furniture and objects.See how to get your geek on home decor using contact paper!

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