Fashion Nails: Learn about the Trends in Colors and Shades

If you are one of those who loves doing her nails and change the color of the enamel, you’ll love this post!

We broke up a couple of tips for you to stay on top of trends of 2011 when it comes to nail polish at EhealthFacts.

The spring/summer collection promises many colors and shades will be main cinza, thezul and verde.

Some Brands Of Glazes Have Released Some New Colors. Most Suitable Are:

Jeans and Rip Chic Colorama promise cause and was even featured in a parade of Arlindo Grund during the Congress of Manicurists in the Beuty Fair.

4 You Pop ‘s Risqué, line betting in coral tones, pink, red and blue.

The pastelshades, light pink and Red Impala have inspired flowers and comes with everything in the spring.

Dance with me and Temptation of the line Ana Hickmann gives preference to blue tones, gold, coral, purple, pink, yellow, lilac, pink with glitter and salmon. A real party this season!

The pink with red enamel background Mary cherry Lipstick village charmed everyone. Also worth attention tom lilac line.

In addition to the new release, there are some colors that are already old and now come back with full force. They are:

Tom Nude resurfaced from the ashes and then the trend of vibrant colors last year, shows that 2011 asks a little more discretion.

Reinforcing the theory, the pastels called much attention in SPFW and will soon be much seen on the streets.

The basic yellow will also have the your stomping grounds this season.

In summary: bet on the releases of the major brands in the business and in Pale tones like the nude and the pastél. With these tips, you can’t miss!

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