Eyeliner: Best Way to Use, Tips for Beginners, Makeup

The eyeliner is the favorite makeup feature of many women, but how to use it properly??

In order to highlight the look, the eyeliner also disguises dark circles and give more expressiveness in the eyes, but to apply it is necessary to have steady hands and some practice.

If you do not have these attributes, you need not despair. With the tips that we split up, anyone can learn to use an eyeliner. Check out:


Before applying the eyeliner as a matter of fact, it is important to prepare your skin with the base, the shadow… respecting the order of production;

Not to miss the first few attempts is nice to do a trace with a pencil on the eyelid;

Time to draw the eyeliner, hold the side of the eye slightly raised;

Rest a hand on the other, at least in the first applications;

With care and without haste, try to cover trim-tab starting from the middle of the eye;

Remember that the dash must be thinner on the inside corner of the eye than at the outer corner;

It is worth remembering that in the beginning it is common that the dash a little inaccurate, this is normal when you don’t have practice. Why it’s important to do everything “by the book” without skipping steps.

Follow these tips and you will see, in a little while you will use the eyeliner as a professional makeup artist via Ehuacom.com!!!

What other technique for applying eyeliner you know??? Comment and help us to improve these and other.

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