Cuticle Amolecedoras Gloves

Cuticle amolecedoras gloves – information, how to use, price

Those who like to always keep nails well knows how to make them at home it takes more work, even with the aid of good products and techniques. Among the more boring and laborious steps of this activity is the treatment and care of the cuticles. Those skins that develop around the nails cause much trouble to women wishing to delicate hands and perfect nails. To make a withdrawal from your excess is necessary to soften and hydrate them, and for this, meet the new cuticle treatment gloves:

That’s right, now there are some models of plastic gloves that accompany a kind of cream that promotes the softening the cuticles, making the process of withdrawal of the excess of these skins. The idea is to intensify the effect you get when you apply only a beauty cream on the cuticles. The glove “Smothers” the fingers, leaving the cream to act. See step by step the your operation.

How to use the cuticle treatment gloves, step by step:

  • Remove the glaze and sand the nails;
  • Put your gloves on and massage the nails so the emulsion kicks cuticles;
  • Let your hands resting for a few minutes;
  • After the time given on the packaging of the product, cut the ends of the sleeves and with help of a tissue, wipe off excess cream fingers;
  • Start removing the cuticle using pliers or just push it with a spatula. The effect of emulsion softens cuticles and makes it easy;
  • After doing the whole procedure, remove the gloves and rub the hands so that the assets of the product make effect on the skin, leaving it soft and hydrated.

It is very easy, isn’t it? The gloves are for sale on the Internet or in stores for manicures. They can be used only once, so the package comes with 12 units, each kit costs around R $20.

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